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Helpful Tips for Using Graphenstone Paints

Helpful Tips for Using Graphenstone Paints

Posted by Sarah, Celtic Sustainables on 4th Aug 2023

Graphenstone is at the forefront of change in the paint industry and is one of the most certified mineral paint brands. Graphenstone uses sustainable, traditionally raw materials – lime, calcium carbonates and natural minerals and fuses them with graphene, the ultimate material innovation and technology to deliver a sustainable coating for modern-day use.

Graphenstone paints are healthy, sustainable, and very durable. Combining natural, trusted minerals creates a better environmental paint and is more beneficial. Perfect for both people and the planet. We have compiled this handy guide to use with the Graphenstone Paint and answers to other frequently asked questions.

Graphenstone Tips and Ticks

Product qualities


  • Graphenstone is available in 96 classic colours.
  • Breathable (fully vapour open – Class 1)
  • Highly durable – Class 1 washability
  • NO plastic, NO Petro-chemicals, and NO Microbeads
  • NO Chemical preservatives
  • High solid content with high coverage
  • Trace VOC – Under 1g per litre
  • Organic
  • High-quality finish on interior and exterior finishes
  • Has a premium heritage silicate paint range
  • Washable and durable

Why is Graphenstone supplied as a concentrate?

We send the paints from our warehouse in West Wales all over the UK. Reducing the quantity of water added to the base paints enables us to increase the actual product delivered (not the additional water content) and reduce the global carbon footprint. Graphenstone paints are up to 70% solid content, whereas most brands typically contain 25-40% solid. A little clean water added will not affect the performance of the paints and will help you with the application.

Just add water

For best results and to help with the application, Graphenstone paints require diluting with clean water.

Dilution Rates for Graphenstone paints


  • 1st coat 10-20% (100 – 200ml of clean water) per litre of paint
  • 2nd coat 10-15% (100 – 150ml of clean water) per litre of paint


  • GrafClean Eggshell can be applied with a dilution of 5-10% maximum to ease application and for finish.

*The above quantities are intended as a guide and can depend on substrates and conditions.

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Application tips and tricks
  • Decant paint into a paint kettle, scuttle or roller tray and mix the paints well. Allow to settle to minimise air bubbles.
  • Maintain a ‘wet edge’ when painting to avoid wet and dry layers overlapping to eliminate marks.
  • take care not to apply the paint too thickly. The natural lime and mineral bases benefit from rolling and working well until the roller dries. This will help you to achieve a rich and even finish.
  • Full opacity and coverage of the lime paints will be achieved after the first 3-4 days. You may initially think the paint seems a little patchy. Please don't rush to apply extra coats; allow the paint to cure.
  • two coats of paint will generally be sufficient on mist-coated or most previously painted surfaces.

After cutting around the room with an angle sash brush, use a good quality medium pile roller on the walls for the best results.

A good quality mixed bristle brush or medium to short pile roller would best apply on woodwork and panels. Remember, Graphenstone paints contain no acrylic, so try not to stretch the paint across the surface.

Drying and curing times

Graphenstone contains zero harmful toxins or chemical additives, which can off-gas, polluting the environment and the air in your home.

There are no chemical driers in Graphenstone Paint.

How Long?

Allow 2-4 hours between coats and 24 hours for complete drying.

If using outside or in areas where moisture is present (including kitchens, bathrooms, and showers), please protect from rain, condensation, and water for 4-5 days from fully dry to allow the paints to cure initially.

Graphenstone paints cure naturally! Allow up to 30 days for your paint to properly harden and cure – sometimes, this might be longer for darker shades.

Which primer to use and where?

  • NEVADA ULTRA is an eco-friendly mist coat and primer. It is ideal for new interior gypsum, lime plasters and plasterboard as a mist coat. New exterior renders – lime and cement.
  • AMBIENT PRIMER L42 – A mineral primer with graphene technology designed to increase the durability of photocatalytic paints. This colourless primer allows a uniform topcoat colour to be obtained—ideal for Limewash, distempers, and old exterior painted surfaces. Porous brickwork, external lime renders.
  • FOUR2FOUR is an all-round bonding and sealer for all surfaces. Interior and exterior wood, MDF and non-porous materials, e.g., metals, plastics, and tiles.

Graphenstone is highly certified.

Graphenstone is the most widely certified mineral paint brand in the world. The range embodies the values of a circular economy, providing a stunning finish and depth of colour to all environments; in 2020, Graphenstone was awarded as the world’s most certified green paint company.

“At Graphenstone, we are committed to the environment and produce natural materials. Among our values are ecology, nature, sustainability, and respect for the environment. Our products meet the principles of a circular economy. It is in our DNA to innovate and create ecological and respectful products for the people and the environment. Ultimately, we want the construction sector to serve humans, not the inverse.”

CertificatesGraphenstone Paints

  • Sustainable Products Certificated
  • Cradle to Cradle GOLD and SILVER - Biosphere Premium and Ecosphere Premium
  • Cradle to Cradle BRONZE – GrafClean
  • Global Green Tag LEVEL B – GrafClean
  • Green Tag Health PLATINUM - Biosphere Premium, Ecosphere, Ambient pro+, GCS Interior, GCS Exterior, Filler
  • EU Ecolabel Do-It-Yourself / Indoor and outdoor paints and varnishes Biosphere, ecosphere, and Nevada
  • CARBON FOOTPRINT Biosphere, ecosphere, and Ambient Pro+
  • VOC EMISSION TEST REPORT Grafclean and Grafclean Eggshell
  • Sensitive Choice Awarded - Biosphere Premium, Ecosphere, Ambient Pro+, GCS Interior, GCS Exterior, Filler
  • Health Products Certificated
  • TOY SAFETY | Standard UNE-EN 71-3:2013 + A3:2018 - TOY SAFETY - Ecosphere and GrafClean

For a complete list of certificates and data sheets, please check the product listing page*

Cleaning after painting

Graphenstone paints are very easy to clean after use. Just wash your paint trays and brushes with soapy water and a soft sponge.

To clean the walls, use the same method, using a mild cleaning solution mixed with warm water.

Recycled pots

Graphenstone uses pots made using 100% recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable after use. Even their sample pots are cradle-to-cradle certified.

Storing Graphenstone paints

Please carefully ease the lids off all the way around before you remove them. Clean the tops and pot edges of dried paint before putting the covers back on to keep your paints in good condition and maintain a good seal for storage.

Well-kept, undiluted, and sealed, your paints should last around 12 months.

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Read our 5* customer reviews - Graphenstone - GrafClean Interior Wall Paint.

5* Review | Verified Customer | Anonymous | Witney, United Kingdom

“Fabulous product, very happy with our purchase. It covers brilliantly and goes a long way”.

5* Review | Verified Customer | Anonymous

“I wanted a non-toxic zero VOC paint, and this is the best I’ve tried yet. Excellent quality, has zero nasty smells and has excellent coverage and finish. It's well worth the money. Prussian blue looks very good.”


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