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Pink Fence Paint Anyone? Mixing outdoor wood paint colours

Posted by Celtic Sustainables on

Osmo Country Colour Pink Fence Paint (spoiler alert it's a mix of Red and White) We are often asked if we sell pink outdoor paint for sheds, playhouses and fences. The answer is yes! We have several environmentally friendly options for you. 

Which exterior wood paint brand you decide to go for is guided primarily by whether the wood has been painted before (and if yes, whether you are prepared to sand that paint off or not).

Oil Based Paint for Bare Wood

For bare wood (wood that that hasn’t had any paints or oils on it previously, or has all finishes sanded off), we think Osmo Country Colour is one of the best outdoor paint for bare wood because it:

  • is an oil based and therefore nourishes and seals the wood
  • is a Waterproof paint for wood
  • flexes with the wood so won’t crack, flake, blister or peel
  • doesn’t need to be sanded between coats
  • lasts for years before you even have to think about maintaining it with a fresh coat (and even then you don’t need to sand back, you just clean the wood!)
  • is biocide free (can be used indoors too)
  • comes in 19 different great colours (that you can mix together if you want to create your own unique shade)

It doesn’t come in pink. However, you can mix a pink using the red and white colours from the Osmo Country Colour range. 

The shade of pink exterior wood paint you will achieve will be very much up to you. It’s great fun and many of our customers are mixing their perfect pink for children’s playhouses, garden furniture, sheds and fences. The trick is to experiment with tester sachets first, be methodical in mixing colours and make notes! 

How to mix a bespoke Pink Exterior Wood Paint

The above pink was achieved with a 10 parts White (Osmo 2101) to which 1 part Signal Red (Osmo 2311) was added. For darker pinks simply add more red. For lighter pinks add less red.

Any of the Osmo Country Colours can be mixed together. Here (below) is what happens when you mix 2 parts Labrador Blue (Osmo 2501) with 1 part Ivory (Osmo 2204). We think the new colour is simply beautiful.

Bespoke Blue Outdoor Wood Paint made mixing Osmo Country Colours

By mixing country colours together you can achieve exactly the right shade of pink, blue, grey wood paint, or indeed any exterior wood paint colour you can imagine!

Indeed, as long as you stick within the same paint brand and finish type, it is usually possible to mix colours together within those ranges. For example you can also mix Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain colours together if you want to see the exterior wood grain (but you can’t mix the Woodstains with the Country Colour). If in doubt please contact us before experimenting!

Water based paint for previously painted wood

For previously painted wood we would recommend a water based paint like Farrow and Ball Exterior Eggshell or the Farrow and Ball Full Gloss. Before you apply the paint, you will of course need to make sure the wood is sound, free of flaky bits, sand the previously painted surface slightly to create a "key" for the exterior paint to "stick" to and prime as necessary.

As you can see below, Farrow and Ball has a great range of exterior eggshell pinks for outside wood already mixed and available in 750ml and 2.5 litre tins.

Farrow and Ball Exterior Eggshell is available in all of these pink shades

If you desire a different pink for exterior wood (that has a paint already on it), you could also experiment with mixing whites and reds from the Eico Alterior Eggshell, Eico Alterior Satin or Eico Alterior Gloss ranges (remembering not to mix brand types).

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