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Top Up Loft Insulation & Keep Your Bills Down - With Natural Fibre Insulation From Celtic

Posted by Sarah, Celtic Sustainables on

Hey there, did the holiday season leave you feeling a little light in the wallet? No worries, I'm here to help. Let's chat about how adding extra insulation to your home can help you save on energy expenses.

Loft insulation - the key to saving on energy bills!

There are many simple yet effective ways to insulate your home, which can significantly reduce heat loss while lowering your heating bills.

Benefits of Adding More Insulation to Your Home

  • Keep your home warm and energy efficient.
  • Save money on your fuel bills. Savings can be around £50-£100 a year.
  • Lower your carbon footprint.
  • Reduce draughts and make your home warmer.

How much money can be saved by draught-proofing?

It's essential to keep your home free of unwanted gaps or holes that can cause small draughts. This won't save you significant money, but every little bit counts. By draught-proofing around windows, doors, and attic hatches, you could save around £20 to £45 per year.

Draught-free homes are comfortable at lower temperatures – so you can turn down your thermostat, saving even more on your energy bills.

Loft insulation involves placing insulation in your loft to stop heat from rising and escaping. In addition to being one of the cheapest insulation forms, it can offer one of the quickest returns. Insulation does many other things, such as preventing your home from getting too hot in the summer and helping reduce the impact of sound. Breathable insulation, such as  Thermafleece, can also help regulate humidity levels within the building fabric.

Benefits of natural fibre insulation:

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  • Simple and safe to handle DIY installation.
  • Non-irritant, non-itch, completely safe in use and throughout lifetime.
  • Fully treated to be fire-safe.
  • Better all-round performance compared to conventional insulation.
  • Lower embodied energy.
  • No increased risk of rodent damage compared to conventional insulation alternatives.

Keep your house cool in summer with insulation.

An increasing number of customers are considering ways to maintain a comfortable and cool environment in their homes during summer. Additionally, the Cosywool insulation boasts an impressive feature, which Thermafleece best describes.

“Hot weather is when we benefit from all the thermal properties of natural fibre insulation. That’s because the ability of the insulation to absorb heat becomes as important as its ability to prevent heat movement. By absorbing heat, natural fibre insulation reduces the energy entering your property during peak periods of the day and releases it through the relative cool of the night. The specific heat capacity of wool is more than twice as much as glass.” - Thermafleece

Thermafleece insulation has a higher density than standard insulation, absorbing almost three times as much energy. Suppose you have installed Thermafleece CosyWool in your loft. In that case, each square metre of insulation can absorb enough energy during hot weather to match the energy used by a portable air conditioning unit. It's pretty impressive stuff!

How PayPal Pay-in-3 can help with those big purchases:

If you're considering placing a large order, you may want to use  PayPal. They offer a simple payment plan that splits your purchase into three interest-free payments. This payment option isn’t just for insulation purchases; it’s available across all the products on the website.

You may already be familiar with this option on other websites, but if you didn’t already know:

  • Pay in 3 will appear as a payment method for eligible online basket values between £30 and £2,000 when you checkout with PayPal.
  • Upon applying, you’ll receive a decision within seconds, although not every application will be approved.
  • Your loan will last two months in total. The first payment will be due at the time of purchase, followed by two subsequent payments each month after that.

More about us, the team behind Celtic Sustainables:

As a  small team working in an independent business, we are dedicated to providing honest and unbiased guidance to our valued customers. We wholeheartedly endorse our products and are always here to offer friendly advice. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any help.

We are excited to announce that we offer FREE delivery for orders over £100, except for orders that contain insulation and lime products, as they require pallet delivery. You can save 5% on all the products site-wide if you order over £500. Don't miss out on this fantastic offer for larger orders!

Other useful articles:

If you found this article helpful, please share it with someone who could benefit from the information; we’d be highly grateful to you for spreading the word!

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