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Spring Cleaning - Go Large

Posted by Celtic Sustainables on

There are many ways to "go large" with Spring Cleaning in the UK. Community groups and charities across the Nation take advantage of the longer and warmer daylight hours to give streets, lanes, beaches and fields a bit of a tidy up before the outdoor season gets into full swing.

Here are just a few ways you can take your Spring Cleaning to the next level in 2019.

Together we might just be able to turn the tide on the amount of plastic reaching (and being) in our oceans.

Great British Spring Clean

22 March – 23 April 2019

Organised by Keep Britain Tidy, the Great British Spring Clean is a great way to help tidy up your local community.  Find out more about events near you or how you can help organise one in your community. It's not just for beaches. Streets, playing fields, carparks, everywhere gets cleaned and tidied.

See also these satelitte sites for Community Spring Clean events in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland:

Big Spring Beach Clean

7th - 15th of April

Surfers Against Sewage have been organising Beach Cleans across the UK in Spring since 2010. 2019 looks set for a record breaking beach cleaning year! Just look at that graph!

Surfers Against Sewage - Beach Cleaning Volunteers

Be Epic with the Big Spring Beach Clean this year. Find an event near you, or help organise one!

Beachwatch Beach Clean Events

All year round

The Marine Conservation Society organises Beachwatch Beach Clean Events all year round. So there is bound to be a beach cleaning event on a shore near you soon. The events are beach cleans and surveys - very interesting for the more conservation/scientifically minded.

UK Litter Picking Groups

If you want to get involved with tidying up your local community regularly check out facebook for a litter picking group near you, or indeed, Litter Action - who have over 1,300 litter picking groups registered on their website!

Go Large - on your own!

Missed all the organised community and beach cleaning events? Don't worry there are plenty of ways to Go Large with your Spring Cleaning on your own or with your family and friends.

Mini Beach Clean

You can do a mini beach clean whenever you visit a beach if you wish. It's handy to use the litter pickers that are provided with #2minutebeachclean boards, but as long as you are careful and sensible litter picking as you stroll along the beach can be fun and rewarding.


Do you go jogging? Would you like to pick up plastic? If the answer to both of these questions is "yes" then Plogging is the new lifestyle trend for you. Grab yourself a litter picking stick (or not) and rubbish bag the next time you are going out for a run and join the Swedish craze.

Would you like to go running, but are more at the the walk/run stage of exercise regime? No problem, there is a facebook group for you too: Check out the Run/Walk Litter Pick facebook group.

Join the Great Nurdle Hunt

If you don't know what a nurdle is, sorry, you are not going to like this. If you do know what nurdle is, the good news is so do others and they are doing something about it. Join the hunt for nurdles now.


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