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Hydraulic Lime

We stock a range of products made with Natural Hydraulic Lime(NHL). NHL is made from limestone that contains naturally occurring impurities. These impurities speed up the setting time and increase the hardness of the resulting lime mortars, renders and plasters.

Unlike Fat Lime, NHL will set in the presence of water, so it offers the ideal solution for exposed areas. It also sets quicker and has a harder finish than fat lime.

NHL is supplied as a dry powder in 3 different strengths - 2, 3.5 and 5. The number indicating the compressive strength in N/mm2*. Mix with aggregate and water to create Limecretes, mortars, plasters and renders.

We also stock a range of dry mixed products which include an aggregate, just add water and mix.

*PLEASE NOTE: Strongest isn’t always the best. Ideally, you want the mortar to be softer than the masonry. This will absorb any movement in the walls and stop the masonry cracking. Also keep in mind that the stronger the NHL the less breathable and less flexible it is.