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Celtic Sustainables specialise in the most natural* plant based paints, clay paints, lime and organic and environmentally friendly products that really perform, at the lowest prices, so you and your home can breathe easy.

Our eco friendly paints, natural and recycled insulation, decorating, building materials and home products can help with allergies and asthma, combat mould and damp problems, and help you create a beautiful, healthy home and garden without harming the environment.

Our Range

The best eco paint, natural wood oils, decorating, wood finishes and sustainable building materials from the most ethical manufacturers.

Earthborn Paint and Mineral Based Breathable paints from a wide range of manufacturers.

Natural insulation including Sheeps wool insulation and Hemp. Recycled Plastic Bottle Insulation and Recycled Paper insulation for your loft or conversion project. Rainwater harvesting systems, water butts, large rainwater tanks, pumps, filters and other rainwater collection accessories.

Whatever your decorating needs choose Celtic Sustainables for natural decorating products with great performance.

  • Child friendly Clay Paint - breathable paint, water based and odour free.
  • Wide range of virtually VOC free paints.
  • Non-toxic wood oils and natural waxes which nourish and protect wood.
  • Natural insulation - breathable, non-itch, and moisture regulating wool insulation.
  • Traditional lime renders and mortars for beautiful, breathable, traditional walls. As well as one coat lime plaster products like Lime Green Solo
  • Safe and effective paint strippers and cleaners - harmless to you and the environment.
  • Eco fuels for wood stoves, with high heat outputs and low carbon footprints.
  • Energy saving Wood Stove Fans to ensure the whole room is warm.