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Earthborn - Claypaint


£38.00 - £42.00

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£38.00 - £42.00

Prices Include VAT

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claypaint-info.pngEarthborn Claypaint is a unique eco paint with a luxurious, ultra-matt finish for walls and ceilings. The beautiful range of traditional and contemporary colours are soothing and inspiring. Health and environmental benefits are unbeatable, too - Claypaint is virtually free of VOCs and other harmful emissions, odour free, totally oil free and highly breathable - a great paint for lime plaster, for traditional buildings, babies' nurseries and children's rooms. Being static resistant, Earthborn Claypaint reduces dust and allergen build-up, making it the ideal choice for asthma and allergy sufferers. It is also easy to apply and has great covering power.  Deliciously thick and creamy, it goes on like a dream and often requires fewer coats than conventional emulsions. All this and no horrible smells or emissions. With virtually no VOC's you can happily sleep in the same room that has been painted the same day. In July 2014, we hosted our first shabby chic furniture painting class using our beautiful Clay paint.

*Claypaint "White" has had its name changed to "White Clay". Earthborn paint now offer the White Clay colour in their Eggshell No.17 and Lifestyle paints so you can match the colour across the Classic Range.

Looking for a smaller tin than 2.5L for a small job? The Earthborn Eco Chic is available in 750ml tins, though marketed differently its the same lovely claypaint.

Not sure which colours? Take a look at our simple guide to choosing the right colour for you.

Due to the claypaint's high breathability, it has a very high moisture absorbency leaving it susceptible to damage when wet; so for kitchens & bathrooms in properties where breathability isn't the highest priority, you may wish to consider the Earthborn Lifestyle Emulsion a wipeable alternative available in the same range of colours.

If breathability is important but areas are required to be wipeable you may want to consider the Earthborn Wallglaze to finish over the claypaint.

Certified as being safe to use on children’s furniture and toys (carries the Safety of Toys Standard EN71-3:1995). When using on wood, you may wish to further protect toys with a furniture wax or furniture glaze.

Certified with a Class 0 Fire Safety Rating (BS476 part 6 and 7). Class 0 is the highest rating currently possible. The testing looks at the combustibility of the paint and its contribution to fire development and spread. This rating is particularly useful if you want a matt finish to ceiling woodwork for new builds.

We strongly recommend purchasing a tester pot if you are unsure of colour you require. The exact colours are easier to see at larger scales with your particular lighting, wall texture and painting technique! We also offer free colour cards delivered to mainland UK.


  • virtually-voc-free.jpgTraditional and contemporary shades.
  • Highly breathable paint for lime plaster and lime render.
  • Distinctive style.
  • Virtually VOC free, acrylic free, totally oil free.
  • Certified free of harmful emissions.
  • Odour free.
  • Certified as being safe to use on children’s furniture and toys (carries the latest Toy Safety Standard EN71-3:2019)
  • Class 0 Fire Safety Rating (BS476 part 6 and 7 - Building Regs 2000)
  • Highly breathable, creating a more comfortable living environment.
  • Minimises condensation & deters mildew.
  • Static resistant.
  • Can benefit allergy and asthma sufferers.
  • Easy to apply, hard-wearing, great covering power.
  • Can be used to paint furniture. (Find out how to pick the perfect piece.)
  • Vegan friendly.
Drying time: 6 – 12 hours
Approximate coverage 8-10m² per Litre though coverage is highly dependent on substrate porosity
Unlike conventional paints, Earthborn Claypaint states its ingredients, so you can make an informed decision to buy a true eco-friendly paint.


  • Water
  • Various clays
  • Chalk
  • Kaolin
  • Vinegar ester
  • Methylcellulose
  • Titanium dioxide (white and some colours)
  • Pigments (some colours)
  • 0.1% Synthetic preservative

Further information:

For more detailed information, download the Datasheet or MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for Earthborn Claypaint.

Read Earthborn's Toy Safety Statement here (pdf).

Fire Safety Certificate available, please contact us for details.

We are the No1 Earthborn paint stockists in the UK and stock their full range of colours.


Earthborn Paint Case Study: We helped renovate this Listed Victorian Cemetery Lodge


Earthborn clay paint colours are available in 72 beautiful shades - White Clay, Hopscotch, St John, Bugle, Cat’s Cradle, Kissing Gate, Hippo Horray, Marbles**, Flutterby, Mittens, Straw, Tom’s Bakery, Donkey Ride, Little Rascal, Posset, Lemony, Vanilla, Jemima, Daisy Chain, Maybe Maggie, Ballet Shoe, Peach Baby, Humpty Dumpty**, Freckle**, Flower Pot**, Piglet, Cupcake, Rosie Posie, Delilah, Can-Can*, Lady Bug*, Eyebright, Lily Lily Rose, Inglenook, Trumpet*, Bo Peep, Gingham, Dorothy, Polka Dot, Toy Soldier*, Teacup, Shallows, Milk Jug, The Lido, Bobble Hat*, Fresh Air, Fiddlesticks, Grasshopper, Cricket*, Seagull, Gregory’s Den, Sapling, Sunday Stroll, Secret Room, Hobby Wood*, Hobgoblin*, Wood Smoke, Feather Pillow, Paw Print, Muddy Boots*, Rocky Horse*, Whisker, Tick Tock, Tuffet, Nellie, Trilby*, Hidey-Hole*, Crocky Road, Up Up Away, Grassy*, Skipper, Sandy Castle.

* Free from Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)

** Naturally occurring clay colour free from colourant and Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)

Please use our colour drop down above to select and view colour samples.

A note to the customer: Colours may vary on screen and in reality due to batch, finish, substrate, texture, and lighting.

Our advice is given in good faith, but we cannot provide any warranty as the application methods and site conditions are beyond our control.