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Lime Green Duro - Render Base Coat

Lime Green


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Prices Include VAT

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Lime Green Duro is a great ready-mixed lime plaster undercoat or lime render base coat suitable for interior and exterior conservation work, historical building repair/refurbishment and eco-friendly new builds.

Duro offers great levels of breathability which is perfect for walls which suffer from damp or salt problems as the permeability allows water to evaporate so it doesn’t get trapped behind the plaster where moisture can damage stone, bricks and wood.

Duro lime plaster base coat is also flexible and long-lasting, so it's more resilient to cracking or crazing compared to a site mixed lime render.

Apply the Lime Green Duro as a base coat and finish with a finishing plaster such as the Lime Green Solo.

If you are looking for a lightweight render with extra thermal insulating properties take a look at the Lime Green Ultra undercoat plaster, a superb breathable lime plaster with the addition of insulating beads.

Available in 25kg bags.

General Information

Duro Lime Plaster Base Coat is a natural, breathable, elastic and salt resistant undercoat. Duro does not contain PVA or acrylic, cement or PFA or any other materials containing toxins or which reduce breathability. Duro is ideal for most old buildings or newer eco-friendly construction where a pure lime render or plaster is desired.


One 25kg bag will cover approx. 1.5m² at 10mm thick (Approximately 1.7kg per mm of thickness over 1m²). This does not include any allowance for wastage.


Add the whole bag of pre-mix into drum mixer carefully, avoid creating excessive dust. Add 4-5 litres of clean water to each 25 kg sack of Duro base coat. Mix for up to 10 min in mixer, or alternatively use a mechanical whisk for 2-3mins, stand for 10 minutes, then mix once more before application. Do not use anything other than clean water.


Prevent all coats from drying out too rapidly. Lightly spray each coat with water if it is hot or the product is drying too quickly.

Further Information

Lime Green Duro Technical Data Sheet

If you require more information about Lime Green Duro Lime Plaster Base Coat, please contact us.