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  • Showersave Boxed
  • Showersave Shower Heat Recovery System.
  • Showersave showing the copper double wall heat exchange mechanism.
  • Showersave Shower Heat Recovery System - Installation Type A of the Showersave (most common).
  • Showersave installation example prior to being boxed in - annotated.
  • Showersave installation top detail showing regular plumbing connections (not included).
  • Showersave with the Cyclone connector (not connected to the shower waste pipes yet) to make the waste shower water swirl around and down the inner copper pipe - increasing efficiency via thermal heat transfer.
  • Showersave installation bottom detail showing mains water connection into the showersave's outer copper pipe and the shower waste water connection back to the Soil (waste) pipe.
  • Installation Type B of the Showersave  (contact us if you wish to install in this way).
  • Installation Type C of the Showersave (contact us if you wish to install in this way).
  • Showersave Shower Heat Recovery System

Showersave - Shower Water Heat Exchanger

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Product Code: QB1-21
Can take 4-7 working days to deliver, see description for more details.

Product Description

Showersave Vertical Heat Exchanger for Waste Water Heat Recovery (WWHR) on Shower Water

Hot showers for less! Save money on heating water for your upstairs shower by installing the simple but effective Showersave.

Suitable for new builds, home extensions and retrofitting, the Showersave QB1-21 and Showersave QB1-21C use the heat from the water flowing out of the shower to warm up the cold water going in. This simple heat exchange mechanism means that you spend less money on electricity or gas heating up the water to your shower. Can also be installed under "shower over bath" plumbing situations.

WRAS approved. The hot and cold waters are kept separate by the double walled copper pipe design.

An efficiency of +60% depending on flow rate.

The QB1-21 superseds the old RECOH-VERT RV3 system. The unit is exactly the same size, however the energy efficiency has been improved.

Optional Extras

The Cyclone Top Fitting increases the efficiency of the Showersave by making the hot waste shower water swirl around and down through the central copper pipe of the Showersave. This increases the amount of time the hot water is in contact with copper pipe to maximise heat transfer. Greater heat recovery is achieved with the Cyclone top.

Part L of Building Regulations

The Showersave QB1-21 and Showersave QB1-21C included in the design SAP calculation is the highest performing Waste Water Heat Recovery System (WWHRS) unit in it's category - Instantaneous Shower Heat Recovery.

The Showersave can act as an inexpensive and invaluable insurance policy against non-achievement of the dwelling emission reate (DER) as it offers a cheaper alternative to many technologies, including MVHR, Solar PV and Triple glazing.

It is also recognised by Passivhouse.

Installation - How it works

The Showersave must be installed below the shower unit, therefore ideal for first floor bathrooms or ground floor wet rooms where there is a basement below. The unit requires a minimum floor to under-floor height of 2.38m and the size of the boxed off unit to be no more than 2.4m in height to the joist void (boxing off needs to be in accordance with NHBC standards part AD and E).

There are three ways to install the Showersave recognised in SAP by BRE depending on they type of hot water system you have (see documentation below).  If there is any doubt or you cannot find the information, please contact us. Importantly the installation instructions must be followed and where applicable, processes regarding SAP compliance should be strictly adhered to.


Showersave is designed as a "fit and forget" technology. It requires no maintenance. Users with longer hair should fit a shower drain hair trap to their shower as usual.

It's a proven technology developed in The Netherlands, where it was first sold in 2005. Since then it has been installed in over 50,000 homes with  zero issues with the Showersave post installation.

Comes with a 5 year Warranty.


Can take 4-7 working days to deliver. Next day delivery is not an option for this product.


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