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Lime Green - Warmshell Woodfibre Insulation Boards

Lime Green

Please contact us to order

Prices Include VAT

Please contact us to order

Prices Include VAT

The Warmshell Insulation from Limegreen is an extremely versatile system used in historical buildings and ecological developments. It is equally suitable for use in smaller domestic refurbishment projects and individual self builds.

The core of the Warmshell system is the Woodfibre Insulation Boards which offer exceptional insulating qualities and are also safe, breathable and sustainable.

Please contact us for a quote. Delivery can vary significantly depending on how much you need and where delivery is required to. 

Almost any type of building project can benefit from the Warmshell System, including:

  • Interior/Internal or exterior/external wall insulation
  • Brick, masonry or timber frame buildings
  • Terraced or detached properties
  • Contemporary or traditional designs
  • New build or retro-fitted installations
  • Domestic or commercial premises
  • Hyper-insulated eco-homes or historic landmarks

The eco-friendly Warmshell wood fibre insulation system offers  exceptional levels of insulation, comfort, safety and sustainability at a surprisingly affordable price.

The natural, healthy solution

The Warmshell system is the natural solution. It uses natural components – primarily wood fibre and lime mortars – with no harmful chemicals or adhesives.

Snug and warm in the winter, Comfortable and cool in the summer

The combination of natural wood fibre and hydraulic lime render embedded with recycled glass beads brings outstanding insulating properties – keeping you warm and saving on heating bills. 
As well as locking heat in during the winter, Warmshell also keeps it out during the summer – so your property remains cool and comfortable.
Warmshell Woodfibre exploits the natural ability of wood to store heat. So, unlike synthetic insulations it protects you from overheating in the summer.

Superior acoustic insulation

Due to its thermal mass, Warmshell Woodfibre offers outstanding sound absorption properties – providing superior protection from both airborne and impact noise.

A breathable System

With Warmshell, your walls can still ‘breathe’, allowing trapped moisture to escape. This prevents condensation, avoids damp, and makes your insulation even more effective.

Sustainably sourced, and environmentally sound

The wood fibre insulation panels are sourced from sustainable European forests certified to FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) standards and Lime Green's natural lime mortars are manufactured right here in the UK.

Tried, tested and fully accredited

Warmshell is tested under ETAG 004 (European Technical Agreement Guidelines), and has been independently monitored by (SPAB), the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings.

Reassuring standards of fire protection

Compared to petrochemical-based systems, Warmshell’s carbonisation properties limit the speed at which fire can spread – and its fire protection qualities have been classified by a UKAS approved fire testing lab.

If you would like to discuss the Warmshell system with one of our experts, or you would like us to put together a competitive quote, please feel free to give us a call on 01239 777009.


Warmshell Woodfibre Technical Datasheet (opens in new tab)