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Lime Green - Solo Render Mesh (454 Mesh)

Lime Green


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Prices Include VAT

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The Lime Green 454 fibre glass mesh is designed for use with fine lime plasters such as the Lime Green Solo. The render mesh improves impact resistance when plastering onto boards and helps to prevent movement cracks.


Roll Length 50m
Width 1m
Mesh Size 4x4.5mm


Apply the plaster in 2 passes the same day.
In the first pass, the 454 mesh is pushed in to the plaster while it is still tacky, normally in vertical strips. Overlap joins in the mesh by 10%
It may also be used around windows, doors and lintels etc; cut and apply a strip diagonally across the corner.
NB: This mesh is not suitable for basecoats or coarse grained products with a maximum aggregate size of more than 1mm.
Rolls should be stored dry, between -10 and +50°C

Further Information

454 Render Mesh Techincal Data Sheet