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Thermofloc - Loose Fill Recycled Cellulose Insulation, 12kg



Prices Include VAT

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Prices Include VAT

Thermofloc loose fill which comes in 12kg bags is produced from recycled newspapers combined with a mineral fire retardant offering an eco friendly alternative to standard insulations. Thermofloc is the ideal alternative for warmcel 100.

Thermofloc is simply broken up to be light and fluffy and poured evenly to achieve the desires insulation thickness and then spread to form a level surface.

Thermofloc is the first cellulose insulation to win the coveted NaturePlus mark of quality and sustainability.

Though Thermofloc is non-toxic and non-irritant dust may be dispersed, dust mask and goggles recommended.

Once fluffed consumption is approximately 35-40kg/m³. At 100mm thickness one bag will cover approximately 3-3.4m².

Please contact us for a quote

Thermal conductivity 0.039W/mK
Fire classification as per EN13501-1
Free of hazardous substances as defined by ETA-05-0186
Assessments show Thermofloc does not provide a suitable habitat for rodents.

Approval and monitoring CE ETA-05/0186, Natureplus® 0107-1301-121
Thermal conductivity λD = 0.039 W/(mK)
Water vapour diffusion resistance factor μ = 2.0
Water absorption  30/60 kg/m³ 14.5/44 kg/m² (100mm)
Flow resistance 6.1 kPA s/m²
Fire classification as per EN13501-1 B-s2,d0
Resistance to mould Class 0
Metallic corrosion No potential for metallic corrosion
Hazards to health Free of hazardous substances as defined by ETA--05/0186


 For orders over 20 bags please give us a call on 01239 623506 or message us for a quote