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Baavet - Wool Filled Pillow



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Prices Include VAT

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Baavet Wool Pillows (50 x 75cm), 100% natural sheep wool filled pillow.

Baavet wool pillows are filled with small wool balls that provide excellent support for your head and neck. The pillow case is a zipped percale cotton cover that allows easy access to the wool, so it can be thoroughly fluffed when required, and is easy to remove and wash.

Baavet wool pillows are available in 2 different fill weights:

Medium - Wool pillow is the most popular pillow, with a standard height that suits most people, regardless of which way you sleep.

Firm - High filled wool pillows for those who prefer their pillow a bit firmer and their head a bit higher.

Not sure which pillow is right for you? With Baavet pillows it is easy to add or remove wool to suit your sleeping position.

We are an official Baavet wool pillows UK stockist & supplier.

We are all quite Baa-rmy for Baavet here, everyone working at the Celtic HQ has one at home. We can't speak highly enough about their duvets and all the benefits they come with. We wrote an article about all the fab benefits of the pillows, mattress protectors and the duvets here

Please note We are unable to accept these products for return if they have been used for any period of time for sanitary & hygiene reasons. Goods are not supplied on a trial basis.