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Soprema Pavatextil P - Recycled Denim Insulation


£80.00 - £635.00

Prices Include VAT

£80.00 - £635.00

Prices Include VAT

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Recycled Denim Insulation "Pavatexil P" is made from 100% recycled cotton, mainly denim jeans and a little velvet.

Essentially the cotton in this insulation comes from the collection, recycling and recovery of textiles at “end of life”.

Denim jeans that have been thrown away into textile recycling banks are sorted and sent to a recycling facility where the zips and buttons are removed and the jeans shredded into small pieces. The shredded denim is then sent further shredded into fibres. The cotton fibres are treated with anti-bacterial, fungal and flame retardant treatments, making them resistant to dust mites and mould. Finally, the treated fibres are pressed into insulation slabs of various thicknesses and cut to size.

The final 100% recycled insulation is comprised of about 85% cotton fibres, originating from jeans and velvet, and 15% polyester fibres.

Pavatextil P offers a healthy, high-performance thermo-acoustic insulation solution with a positive impact on the environment. It has good insulating capacity against thermal losses in winter and heat transmittance in the summer. It is vapour-open (breathable), and has outstanding sound-insulation properties. 

PAVATEXTIL P is mainly installed together with a vapour barrier between the wooden or metal framework, on the inside of walls and sloped roofs. It can also be used in attic floors. Always consult the local regulations and installation guidelines of the manufacturer.

Technical Information:

  • Density [kg/m3]: ± 20
  • Thermal conductivity (λd) (EN 12667) [W/(m.K)]: 0.039
  • Specific heat capacity (c) [J/(kg.K)]: 1600
  • Water vapour diffusion resistance coefficient (μ): 3
  • Acoustic noise reduction index * (EN ISO 10140-2) (Rw (C; Ctr)): [dB] 40 (-2; -8)
  • Reaction to fire: (EN 13501–1): E
  • Short-term water absorption by partial immersion [kg/m2]: 8
  • Edge profile: straight
  • Resistance to mould growth: Class 0

* Partition wall 72/48: 48mm light metal profiles with a 12.5mm plasterboard on both sides and 45mm PAVATEXTIL P

Delivery Information

Due to the pack sizes, there is a maximum of 8 packs per pallet. Options marked as PALLET will contain 8 packs of the selected size. Please contact us for a quote.