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Thermafleece - Ultrawool High Density Wool Slabs Insulation



Prices Include VAT

Delivery times can take 5-10 working days regardless of delivery option selected at checkout, please read description for further details.

Prices Include VAT

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A dense sheep wool based insulation with greater insulation performance to meet higher energy efficiency requirements.  Thermafleece Ultrawool is supplied as easy to handle 1200mm long slabs that fit securely to enable ‘best in class’ thermal and acoustic insulation performance. Contains 75% British wool, 15% recycled polyester lofting agent and 10% polyester binder with a high recycled content.

Availability: This product is generally manufactured to order, so please allow time to manufacture and deliver, this often takes approximately 5-10 working days. Delivery timescales offered at checkout are not possible. Small quantities are usually in stock for faster delivery but please contact us to check availability.

This product is not available to be purchased online please contact us to receive a quote.

Current delivery prices (including VAT):

  • 1 Pack - £36
  • 2 Packs - £72
  • 3-4 Packs - £84
  • 5-8 Packs - £168
  • 9-12 packs - £252
  • 13-16 packs - £336
  • 17-24 packs - £420
  • 25+ packs - £504

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Like all Thermafleece wool products, Thermafleece Ultrawool is long-lasting, safe to handle and can contribute to a healthier indoor environment by acting as a moisture buffer and absorbing indoor pollutants such as formaldehyde in the building fabric.


  • Sustainable
  • British Wool
  • Made in the UK
  • Width (mm): 390 & 590
  • Thickness (mm): 50, 70 & 90 mm
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.035 W/mK

Please contact us for a delivered price. Let us know how many packs you need, or the area you're insulating, and where you'd like them delivered.  We're happy to quote.

Thermafleece Ultrawool High Density Wool Insulation Documentation:

Read: Insulating a Suspended Timber Floor

Installation Guides (opens in new tab)

Further Information

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for Ultrawool (pdf)

EPD's are a way of determining and publishing the environmental impact of products and cover a range of aspects including embodied carbon, measured as the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of the product. The data on the Thermafleece Cosywool, Ultrawool and SupaSoft insulation EPD's is published for the thickness required to achieve an R value of 1 enabling easy comparison with other products.