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IndiNature - IndiTherm Flexible Hemp Insulation


£27.90 - £60.18

Prices Include VAT

£27.90 - £60.18

Prices Include VAT

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Made from UK grown Hemp, IndiTherm is a high-density, flexible Natural Fibre insulation made from Hemp. Suitable for most situations where flexible insulations are used, such as; roof spaces, suspended floors, timber frame walls, etc.

Though IndiTherm is a flexible insulation, its high density makes it rigid enough to "friction fit" between structural framing. This makes Inditherm particularly great to use in areas where insulation can be prone to slumping, such as walls or where work is above your head during installation.
As with most natural fibre insulation, it's non-itch and easy to handle. This makes installation even easier for the installer.

Why is hemp great? Read our Blog Post - Five Reasons We Love Hemp (opens in new tab)

Ordering & Delivery Charges

Stocked and delivered on our behalf by the manufacturer Indinature. Delivery charges per pallet start at £30 ex VAT. However to most UK postcodes delivery charges are £45 ex VAT per pallet.

The radio button selection above states the maximum number of packs per pallet. For example, ordering 25 packs of this option - '100 x 370 x 1200mm (4 batts - 1.78m2) - Max 15 packs/pallet' to location where pallets cost £30 ex VAT each would require two pallet charges at £30 ex VAT each. Therefore delivery for this example would be £60 ex VAT.

The 1200mm long batts cannot be ordered online so please Contact Us to order or to confirm delivery costs to your location.

Key Benefits

  • Carbon Negative: Hemp captures 15-20 tonnes of carbon per hectare every year grown. The energy required to manufacture is relatively low, making the end product carbon-negative. 
  • Vapour Open - Naturally regulates humidity, reducing the risk of damp and mould, promoting healthy indoor air quality. 
  • UK Grown and Manufactured - helps reduce the carbon created due to transportation over large distances.
  • Friction Fit Installation: Fits between timber studs / joists as most other flexible insulations, however Inditherm has the advantage of being more rigid than most comparable products. The increased rigidity reduces slumping and increases ease of installation. 
  • Installation - IndiTherm insulation is non-itch, soft to the touch and easy to handle. As with any insulation fitting, we recommend wearing a mask during installation. 

Technical Details

  • Thermal Conductivity - 0.04 W/mK
  • Density - 45kg/m³
  • Carbon Negative - Net storage of -0.7 kg CO2 eq/kg
  • Specific Heat Capacity - 2100 J/(kgK). A high heat capacity helps rooms stay warm in winter and cool in summer. Generally, Natural Fibre Insulations excel here versus synthetic alternatives.
  • Fire Rating - E (Euroclass Fire Rating), tested to BS EN 13501-2
  • Vapour Diffusion Resistance μ - 2, tested to BS 5250:2011 + A1:2016