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Hemp Shiv, 180 Litre Bale

East Yorkshire Hemp


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Prices Include VAT

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Hemp shiv is the chopped up, woody core of the hemp plant. When mixed with a lime binder, it becomes a composite building material known as hempcrete. The lime binder can be Hydrated lime (with pozzolans added to speed up the hardening process), a strongly Hydraulic lime or a tried and tested Hempcrete Binder.

We supply hemp shiv in 2 different sizes, a medium cut shiv (22mm) which is suitable for wall and floor construction and a fine cut shiv (3mm) which is suitable for render and similar coatings.

A bale of the 22mm Shiv weighs 15-18KG, a bale of the 3mm Shiv weighs 20-24kg. Weights can vary slightly depending on batch density. 180 Litre volume is an approximate figure which can vary slightly.

Environmental benefits of Hemp and Hempcrete.

  • Hemp can be easily grown without the use of pesticides
  • Low amounts of energy used in the production of Hemp Shiv
  • A large amount of carbon dioxide is locked up in Hempcrete buildings
  • Hempcrete is breathable, so helps to control moisture and condensation
  • Non-flammable
  • Resistant to rodents, insects, fungi and bacteria
  • Flexible and crack resistant
  • Visually attractive - any shape can be formed with Hempcrete
  • Light-weight
  • Recyclable
  • Sustainable production – Fast growing, hemp crop is grown annually
  • Chemical Free
  • Helps to keep internal humidity levels within the 40-60% range which inhibits the growth of viruses and bacteria

Uses for Hempcrete

Newbuild: Using shuttering, Hempcrete can be cast in situ to create walls of various thicknesses and shapes. Hempcrete is self-supporting, but not a load bearing product so it is usually formed around a softwood timber frame. Hempcrete can also be precast offsite to form blocks or panels. Hempcrete can be used in the construction of floors and roofs, adding a breathable, insulated layer.

Restoration projects: In old buildings, Hempcrete can be used to replace damaged or missing infill. It can also be used internally to add an insulated but breathable render to stone walls.

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