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  • Graphenstone Colour Exterior (15L)
  • Graphenstone Colour Exterior is available in 0.75 Litre, 4 Litre, and 12.5 or 15 Litre pots. Note some darker shades are not available in 15L.
  • Colours part 1 of 3: Graphenstone Colour Exterior is available in White and 53 Colours (12 shown here).
  • Colours part 2 of 3: Graphenstone Colour Exterior is available in White and 53 Colours (12 shown here).
  • Colours part 3 of 3: Graphenstone Colour Exterior is available in White and 53 Colours (11 shown here).
  • GCS Exterior used here on the outside walls of this school.

Graphenstone - GCS Exterior Premium

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Product Description

Exterior Wall Paint with Graphene Technology

Graphenstone's GCS Exterior wall paint uses a combination of lime, silicate and natural minerals to create a beautiful matt paint. It can be applied to all surfaces common in construction including mortar, brick, concrete old paints etc. It can even be used on wood and metal when substrates are primed with Four2Four primer.

This very low VOC paint dries to an attractive ultra matt finish. It is the perfect partner for restoration, heritage and listed properties as it allows the building to breathe.

The combination of natural lime with graphene produces a very strong and hardwearing paint with all the benefits of a natural lime paint giving you superb air quality inside your home, maintaining the breathability, sustainability and health of the building.

The selected pigments used in the colour range are chosen for their light fastness, stability and resistance to temperature.

Colour Availability

Not all colours colours of the Graphenstone range are available on the GCS Exterior, if the colour you are looking for is not on the above dropdown list it's not available. If you the colour you want is not available here, please consider the Grafclean Exterior if suitable as all colours are available

For interior use please view the GCS Interior or the Grafclean Interior. Sample pots for the Graphenstone colour range are only available in the Grafclean Interior.

Colour Cards & Samples

As with all paints we strongly advise the purchase of sample pots where available, we also offer colour cards free of charge to help you narrow down the colour for you - Order a Colour Card

Sample pots are only available for the Grafclean Interior. There might be very minor discrepancies in colour between product ranges due to differing bases and pigments used.


  • Exterior use
  • High covering power
  • Ultra Matt finish (3% sheen)
  • Very Low VOC, < 1 g/l
  • VOC emission: Class A+
  • Very Breathable, SD value: Class 1
  • Certified for moisture control
  • Tough and long lasting
  • Excellent Washability: Class 1
  • Excellent flexibilty - non cracking formula
  • High adherene to substrates
  • Fire performance: Class 0 (British Standard)
  • Cradle to Cradle Certified SILVER
  • GreenRate Certified: Level A

Drying time: Quick drying 2-4 hours between coats, 24 hours until fully dry, 30 days until fully cured.
Approx coverage: 12-18m2 per Litre (supplied as a concentrate - dilute 10-15% with water before application).

Further Information:

Mineral substrates must be at least 28 days old before application. Substrates must also be resistant to high alkalinity. If in doubt apply to a test area first.

Do not apply to surfaces in constant contact with water.

Total curing occurs during the first 30 days. We recommend to avoid cleaning and/or rubbing the painted surface during that time. 

For more detailed information, download the Graphenstone GCS Exterior Technical Data Sheet and GCS Exterior Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) - Pastel (opens in new tab). Contact us for the MSDS for the colour you are interested in.

Other documentation and certification:

(All pdfs open in a new tab).

Cleaning tools

Rollers, brushes and spray guns should be cleaned with warm water after use.

Packaging and Waste Management

Graphenstone Paint pots are made of polypropylene (PP) - number 5 in the recycling triangle code - and are therefore 100% recyclable. The plastic polypropylene pots that Graphenstone use are made of 80% recycled content.

Please recycle or reuse empty pots according to your local waste and recycling scheme. If you have left over paint please consider these ideas for using up or donating left-over paint. Please dispose of left over paint responsibly (paint should never be put down the drain).


Some of the colours on the colour card (mainly darker ones) are not available in the GCS Exterior. If they are not in the drop down above they are not available in this range. All colours are available in the Grafclean Exterior, if suited this can be considered as an alternative.

(L) These colours are also available in the Graphenstone pure lime bases Ecosphere (Interior) and Biosphere (Exterior).

Why do pots have Transparent, Medium or Pastel on them?

That simply refers to the base paint type that the pigments are added into to create the colour.

Complete the look

  • BioSphere - Matt ioutoor paint made with lime and graphene. Also  has an anti-mould and anti-bacteria effect improving air quality.
  • GrafClean - Interior /exterior wall paint suitable for areas that require constant cleaning (more like an acrylic paint) - available in all 98 colours.

How to prep walls for painting

See the Graphenstone GCS Exterior Technical Data Sheet for full details, however in brief:

For all surfaces

  • Ensure the substrate is dry, sound and clean.
  • If the substrate has salt deposits, brush and apply Graphenstone Neutralysal Premium
  • If the substrate contains a high moisture level, apply Graphenstone StopWater Premium

For previously painted walls

  • When applying over glossy paint, sand the surface lightly to create a "key".
  • Remove flaking and unstable paint. Create a uniform surface with Graphenstone Filler Primer

For unpainted surfaces

You can prime walls with:

How to prepare Graphenstone GCS Interior paint

  • Stir and dilute with water to 10-15% of the product weight (150-200 ml of water per liter of product approx.), ensure a homogeneous mixture. Avoid excessive shaking to minimize bubbles. 
  • Apply 2 or 3 coats evenly  by roller, brush or airless spray gun.
  • Note: an excess of product by layers can generate micro-cracks.

You may also need Brushes or Rollers, Masking Tape and Paint Trays - see our Painting Accessories page.

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