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Wooden Table Makeover with Treatex

Wooden Table Makeover with Treatex

Posted by Sarah, Celtic Sustainables on 22nd Aug 2023

It was time to give our large wooden table a makeover. The table in our showroom has spent years sitting in the window; it’s very useful, it holds all our sales promotional details and colour charts, and customers often discuss the colour ranges and products with our team while using the table. If you have visited our Cardigan branch, you have likely used this table before. It is an essential part of our showroom.

wooden table makeover

Having previously been treated in the Treatex clear Hardwax many years ago, we recently noticed the table was starting to look a bit worn. To be fair, because the table was in constant use, we simply hadn’t had time to give it the maintenance and love it so richly deserved.

How to prepare a wooden table for painting

Wooden Table Makeover with Treatex

Anthony took it upon himself to rejuvenate the table; he cleared off all the display material and took the table out to the warehouse, where it got a light sanding to about 100 grit and cleaned down, removing any dust and dirt along the way.

The table was then ready for a fresh coat of oil. After deliberation, we decided on the colour Forest green from the Classic Colour range for the legs and clear soft satin Hardwax Ultra for the worktop.

Country style wooden table

We decided to go for a more modern “country style” look for our wooden table makeover. Painting the table legs in a colour and the table worktop in a durable clear finish.

Anthony gave the legs two thin coats of Forest Green Classic Colour Collection, making sure not to over-apply, working the oil into the grain of the wood. With good ventilation, the first coat was dry within a few hours. He then applied the second coat with a good quality brush, again making sure not to over-apply. During the different coats, Anthony kept the brush in an airtight bag, and once the whole project was finished, he cleaned them with Treatex Thinner .

After years of use, the Treatex clear Hardwax oil on our table started to look worn. Anthony decided to redecorate the table by lightly sanding and applying a new coat of finish. The table now looks brand new and is ready to display our products once again.

We then chose Treatex Hardwax ULTRA Soft Satin, designed to enhance and protect the natural beauty of the timber, so it felt like the perfect choice. The end result is a super hard-wearing and very attractive finish; we are very pleased with the overall look. We left the table in the showroom to fully cure over the weekend before using it again for display material and for customers to use when they visit the shop.

Why Treatex Hardwax Oil ULTRA Clear is the Perfect Choice

Treatex is a brand with impressive sustainable credentials (that’s one reason we’ve loved them for many years!) They utilise eco-friendly raw materials such as linseed oil, sunflower oil, beeswax, and more... The result is a super hard-wearing, attractive finish. And that’s why we chose Treatex ULTRA to refurbish our shop display table due to its exceptional durability and appealing finish in any setting. The outcome is a long-lasting and attractive surface that will remain protected for years to come.

As supporters of the Treatex brand, we appreciate their sustainability efforts and dedication to delivering the highest quality products.

Wooden Table Makeover with Treatex

Key Features of Treatex - Hardwax Oil ULTRA Clear

Suitable for: Floors, doors, stairs, worktops, wood-turning, skirting, furniture, instruments etc. Dense/oily timbers may require an addition of Treatex Thinner. Has a warming effect on some timbers.

  • Has a warming effect on lighter-coloured timbers.
  • No sanding is required between coats.
  • Treatex ULTRA withstands high temperatures and is very durable.
  • Easy to maintain with Treatex Wax Polish and is spot repairable.
  • Slip resistance test BS 7976-2PTV. Suitable for domestic, commercial, and wet areas.
  • Food Safe BS EN1186-3:2002 Overall migration in Aqueous stimulant by total immersion
  • Safe for use on children’s toys: DIN EN 71-3
  • Flame retardant to BS EN 13501-1 Class Cfl-s1, meaning it is flame retardant and suitable for use in commercial flooring.
  • Contains no biocides, preservatives, or carcinogens.

Benefits of using Treatex - Classic Colour Collection

Treatex Classic Colour Collection can be used on all types of timber and is the ideal finish for doors, windows, fences, sheds, cladding, kitchen cabinets, and other interior or exterior joinery.

  • Very easy to apply.
  • High coverage 1L covers approximately 25m2 one coat depending on timber and method of application.
  • UV resistant
  • Highly water resistant
  • It will not flake or peel.
  • It contains no biocides or preservatives.
  • Safe for use on Children's toys EN71/3 DIN 53160
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Need help with what finish to pick?

It can be a bit daunting with so many finishes to choose from. If you’ve done samples, done the prep work, and chosen Treatex, you can’t really go wrong (it really is all in the prep work and how you apply it!)

In the last year, Treatex brought out their ULTRA range, a super hardwearing Hardwax Oil, ULTRA- because it has quicker drying times than other similar brands. They have a few different finishes within this range: Flat Matt, Matt, Soft Satin, Bright Satin, and Clear Gloss.

The bright satin was released for those who wanted a higher sheen but were not interested in gloss. And it’s the same for flat matt and matt, just different sheen levels.

If you’ve done your floors in Treatex Colour Tones Ultra, choose one of the Clear Hardwax Finishes to seal and protect the pigment from wearing down. It’s worth it! It gives your floors the required durable, lasting finish; recoating in a couple of years is easy with Treatex; just clean down the surfaces and re-apply a coat of clear Hardwax, and you’re good to go for another couple of years!

How To Apply Treatex ULTRA Range

Treatex - Hardwax Oil ULTRA Clear table renovation

  • Before starting any project, ensure you’ve tested the desired finish on a small area. Once you’re happy with the product, stir tins thoroughly before and during use.
  • Treatex Ultra range is super easy to apply, either by brush or roller
  • Keeping the rooms well-ventilated, the second coat can be applied as soon as 6 hours (depending on how it was applied and how ventilated the rooms are).
  • After the second coat, leave for approximately 12-24 hours to dry.
  • A third coat may be needed to apply light on dark timber. One coat may be enough when renovating previously porous finishes.
  • Floors treated with Treatex are usually ready for furniture after 18 hours.

How to clean Treatex ULTRA Range

If you’ve treated any surface in Treatex, you will need to consider how to clean it in the future. Put away your bleach, disinfectant bottles, and steam mop now; there is no need for them; they will slowly strip away the natural oils and leave your surfaces looking dull and untreated.

Treatex’s Floor Care is the product for you. Wooden floor care is essential to properly maintaining your home or business, so if your floor looks dull, Treatex’s Floor Care will return it to its original self in no time.

“Whilst Treatex Hardwax Oil is an exceptionally durable finish, a regular cleaning and maintenance program is key to keeping your wooden surface looking good. We have developed a range of products which are designed to look after wooden surfaces easily.” Neil Director at Treatex.

Treatex’s Ready-To-Go Surface Cleaner

In the showroom, we’ll use Treatex, easy to use Spray Floor and Surface Cleaner. It contains vegetable oils and carnauba wax, which means that as the surface is cleaned, a thin replenishing and protective layer of wax is also applied. It’s so handy to grab and use; just shake it up well before each use, spray the surface lightly, taking care not to saturate the surface for too long. Use a cloth or mop to clean away the surface. Good as new each time you use it.

Tips and Tricks for using Treatex ULTRA

  • Stir the contents of the tin before using as the high solid content in these paints means that even if left for a few weeks, the solids will have fallen to the bottom. Please stir rather than shake to ensure even distribution.
  • Wrap your brushes in an airtight bag during application and coats to keep them from drying out. If you’ve used Treatex Hardener, your brush will dry and go stiff regardless of keeping it in an airtight bag.
  • If your tin has been left unused for many months, or even a year, put the tin upside down for a few days to loosen the solids at the bottom of the tin before stirring (making sure the lid is on tightly, of course!).
  • Treatex brushes and rollers are available.
  • Wet brushes and rollers can be cleaned with Treatex Thinner or white spirit.
  • Store tins in a cool and frost-free environment. Unopened tins will last for five years. Once tins are opened, transfer contents to smaller airtight containers.

What our customers say about using Treatex Ultra Range

“Really easy to use and covers well. Looks great. Used on old, newly stripped pine panelling. Second purchase as needed more for upstairs.” Amanda M Verified Customer

“Easy to use and gives a clear, strong finish to our wooden floors. Should last awhile before they need doing again”. Verified Customer Jonathan H

“This is now my 'go-to' product for sealing wood.” Jonathan H Verified Customer

Order a Treatex Brochure

Do you need more information on the Treatex range? You can order a Treatex pamphlet on our website and see the finishes and range before going ahead and buying samples.

Products used:

Treatex - Hardwax Oil ULTRA Clear – Soft Satin (One Coat)

Treatex - Classic Colour Collection – Forest Green 509 (Two Coats)

You can shop the Treatex interior and exterior finishes here. Excellent long-lasting protection for wood flooring, decking, panelling, kitchen worktops, furniture, window frames, sheds, and garden furniture.

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