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Treatex - Satin Wax Polish 500ml



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Prices Include VAT

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Treatex Wax Polish is an easy way to apply clear polish designed to refresh worn wooden surfaces finished with Treatex.

Wax Polish is manufactured on a base of natural sustainable raw materials and forms a durable, water repellent and non slip finish.


  • Remove loose dust and dirt using a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment.
  • Clean the surface to be treated with Treatex Preparation Cleaner.
  • Once the surface is completely dry, apply Treatex Wax Polish to a small area of the timber, either by wiping on a very thin and even coat using a lint free cloth, taking care not to leave cloth marks,  or by using a white pad under a slow buffing machine ensuring the surface is buffed until there are no swirl marks.
  • Allow to dry for three to four hours.

It's also really easy to repair a scratched floor with with Treatex Wax Polish, see video below.

Further Information

Treatex Wax Polish Safety Datasheet (SDS)