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Wall Paint, Exterior

We stock and sell the best range of eco-friendly breathable masonry paint alternatives for painting the exterior walls of your home.

Officially the UK’s largest silicate masonry paint specialist and stockist.

Breathable Masonry Paint

Keim Mineral Paints are liquid silicate paints that are natural and waterborne. These paints are designed to provide a sustainable protective finish that's highly durable, colourfast, with high vapour permeability. The paint is eco-friendly, which makes it ideal for high-environmental value projects. Keim paints have a high resistance to weathering, making them the perfect choice for both commercial and private properties.

The Earthborn silicate masonry paint system is a highly breathable exterior paint that will help your walls breathe. When correctly applied with the silicate masonry primer and applied to a bare substrate surface, it is long-lasting, often lasting over 15 years.

Graphenstone Paint offers specialist paints using their graphene-based technology combined with natural materials like lime and silicate. They have a range of interior and exterior paints that offer a tough and long-lasting finish. They also have an air-purifying paint that eliminates odours and decomposes pollutants using photocatalytic properties.

New to Celtic for 2024* Beeck Mineral paints are highly breathable and eco-friendly and offer active silicate paints with low VOCs, resulting in a durable finish. The paints are naturally fireproof and resistant to mould growth. They are free from chemicals and can be fully recycled.

Eico - Alterior Matt Emulsion is a high-quality, water-based paint which is manufactured using 100% pure acrylics. Eico paint range is very easy to use, and combined with their primer, the paint is extremely durable and has been very popular with our customers painting over modern finishes and renders.


Masonry Colour & Mixing Specialists

We are proud to mix the full range of paints in-house with our tinting machines from Earthborn, eico and Graphenstone. To avoid disappointment, call us to check availability and lead times. Discounts are available on large orders. Please call us, and we will provide you with a no-obligation quote. 01239 777009.