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Cornerstone Lime Paint - 5 Litre (White)

Cornish Lime


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Prices Include VAT

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Breathable white Lime paint is the perfect compliment to lime plaster and render.

The Lime Paint is supplied as dry powder in a heavy duty paper bag. Mix the powder with 4L of water to make 5L of breathable lime paint.
Lime Paint is Breathable, non-toxic and does not harm the environment.

The Lime paint contains a small amount of Acrylic (less than 5%) which ensures the adhesion to most backgrounds including:

  • lime render/plaster
  • gypsum plasters
  • lining paper
  • cement
  • bricks
  • blocks
  • untreated timber

Please note: The Lime paint is not suitable for backgrounds with zero suction or substrates containing waterproofing agents. It will not adhere to oil paints, grease, distempers or cement paints which have water repellent agents.

Colour: White. - Can be mixed with any of our Coloured Earth natural pigments to create custom colours. Several of our synthetic pigments can also be used, but please see the product description on the synthetic pigments where you will find a list of the pigments that are not suitable for use with lime.

Shelf Life: As a powder the lime paint will last for 12 months from day of purchase if unopened. Once mixed with water the paint will keep for 12 months if kept sealed in an airtight container.

Preparation: Remove any loose or flaking paints and repair defective plasters or renders.

Traditional lime paint is different to modern emulsions and may require special consideration and preparation before application. Test the background to be painted for suction, by lightly flicking clean water on to the surface. Substrates with rapid suction will require dampening with clean water. As well as dampening the surface, you can also thin the first coat of paint with an additional 30% of water.

A low suction background does not require pre wetting or additional thinning for the first coat.

Do not use lime paint in areas subjected to abnormal condensation such as a kitchen or bathrooms, unless sufficient ventilation is available to prevent condensation. Lime paints are not film-forming materials that will hide the background condition therefore salts and dampness will show through. Some surfaces may have variations in background materials (i.e.: brick, stone, cement, etc) and therefore care is required in controlling differing suction levels. 

Extremely smooth gypsum plasters offering no suction need to be lightly sanded down to provide a suitable surface before applying lime paint. Wallpaper joints are often smeared with adhesive during hanging. Make sure that the adhesive paste used is water-soluble. Clean the joint before applying lime paint, as excess adhesive residues on the face of the paper will cause the lime paint to dry out a different colour

Application: Mix the contents of the bag (1kg) with 4 litres of water. Apply with a good quality long hair brush using short strokes.

Do not work in temperatures below 8°C or above 30°C or in a humid environment. Protect painted areas from direct sun, drying wind and rain for 3 to 4 days (longer in damp weather conditions).

Coverage: 6-12 per litre, depending on background.

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