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Coloured Earth Pigments - Naturals

Coloured Earth Pigments

£4.00 - £6.00

Prices Include VAT

£4.00 - £6.00

Prices Include VAT

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Coloured Earth's Natural range is a range of earth pigments which are non-toxic and suitable for colouring or tinting the following:

  • Limewash 
  • Natural paints (e.g clay paints and chalk paints)
  • Plasters, cements and grouts
  • Varnishes, waxes, stains and glazes
  • Artist paints and pastels
  • Handmade paper

Natural Pigments tend to be semi transparent so will give a softer tint than oxides when used in a white base such as lime or white paint.

If you are looking for brighter colours or stronger tinting oxides, why not take a look at our Coloured Earth synthetic pigments.


ALL of the colours in the Coloured Earth Naturals range are suitable for use with lime.

Please note: not all commercially available pigments are suitable for limewash. The level of alkalinity in lime can cause the colours of some pigments to fade prematurely.

Alternatively you may like to take a look at our Limewash Pigments Page. We have carefully selected 10 lime stable pigments that represent a good cross section of the colour range. The colours we have chosen can also be mixed together to achieve an even wider spectrum of colours and tints.

UV Stability

Please Note, The following pigments are NOT as UV stable as the other natural pigments and therefore are not recommended for applications subjected to direct sunlight:

  1. Ancient Green Earth
  2. Brentonico Green Earth


Pigment information sheet

A guide to mixing and tinting limewash