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Limewash Pigments - Yellow Ochre

Coloured Earth Pigments


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Prices Include VAT

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Yellow Ochre is a natural earth pigment which gives a soft yellow hue when mixed with Limewash.

Natural earth and ochre pigments have gentle colouring properties and offer beautiful pastel shades even at maximum addition quantities. If you require a stronger yellow we recommend our Yellow Iron Oxide pigment.

Please be aware that due to the nature of limewash, pigmented washes will dry lighter than the initial mixed colour. We recommend that tests are carried out before final application.

  • Natural Earth Pigment
  • Excellent UV Stability
  • Lime And Cement Colour Stable
  • Non-Toxic

The volume stated is approximate, for consistency we measure our pigments by weight. 
The weights measured for each volume for Yellow Ochre (193) are as follows:

  • 250ml – 130g
  • 1 Litre – 520g
  • 10 Litres – 5.2kg


Mixing the dry powder pigment with warm water to create a slurry will help to ensure that the pigment is fully saturated before adding it to the limewash. This will help to avoid colour bursts in the finish caused by dry pockets of pigment. Simply add the pigment slurry to the limewash and mix well.

Quantity Guide

1 x 25kg Tub of our Mature lime putty mixed with approximately 25 litres of water will make approximately 45 litres of Limewash*. No more than 2 litres of dry pigment (5% by volume) should be added to this quantity of limewash to avoid compromising the strength of the limewash.

The depth of colour in the picture above was achieved by adding the maximum quantity of pigment (5% by volume) to a limewash mix which had the consistency of single cream.

Adding smaller amounts of pigment will achieve lighter shades.

Any of the dry pigments in our limewash range can be mixed together to create a wide range of custom colours.

*Lime putty can vary in density, adjust the volume of water accordingly. Limewash should have a runny consistency somewhere between milk and single cream. Thicker limewash mixes are prone to cracking.


10 litres of Limewash will cover approximately 30-40 m2 per coat. 3-5 coats are recommended for the first application.

Coverage is dependent on mix consistency and substrate being painted. 


See our infographic making and colouring limewash.



Please note, pigment images are for guidance only. Different computer screens and printers can greatly influence the perceived colour. Please carry out tests before final application.