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Graphenstone - Four2Four


£32.00 - £98.00

Prices Include VAT

£32.00 - £98.00

Prices Include VAT

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Bonding Primer Paint and Sealer for All Surfaces (Indoor and Outdoors)

Four2Four Premium is an adherence bridge for paint. It ensures bonding of mineral paint to all types of surfaces such as ceramic tiles, phenolic panels, polyurethane paint, plasticised panels and most common surfaces. Suitable for indoors and outdoors applications this is a truly impressive bonding primer paint.

Graphenstone Four2Four is also an antioxidant paint for metal surfaces to keep new metal surfaces rust and corrosion free.

This bonding primer paint can also be applied as a sealant to MDF boards and to block stains coming through wood and interior walls. Note that this whitish primer does not hide stains, but helps block them from coming through the finishing top coat.

Note: This Primer/Sealer is not breathable.


  • Paint Bonding Agent suitable for any common surface
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoors use
  • Tile Primer
  • Anti-oxident metal primer
  • MDF primer
  • Paint sealer for wood, MDF and Stains
  • Tough and long lasting
  • Quick drying

Drying time: Quick drying 30-60 minutes between coats, 6-8 hours before applying top coat(s).
Approx coverage: 10-11m2 per Litre

Further Information:

In the case of rain (for exterior applications) let the substrate dry for at least 24 hours before applying the primer and protect the treated surface from rain until the application of the finishing coat.

Do not apply to surfaces in constant contact with water.

For more detailed information, download the Graphenstone Four2Four Technical Data Sheet and Four2Four Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), opens in new tab.

Cleaning tools

Rollers, brushes and spray guns should be cleaned with warm water after use.

Packaging and Waste Management

Graphenstone Paint and Primer pots are made of polypropylene (PP) - number 5 in the recycling triangle code - and are therefore 100% recyclable. The plastic polypropylene pots that Graphenstone use are made of 80% recycled content.

Please recycle or reuse empty pots according to your local waste and recycling scheme. If you have leftover paint please consider these ideas for using up or donating left-over paint. Please dispose of leftover paint responsibly (paint should never be put down the drain).

Complete the look

Once primed with Graphenstone Four2Four, tiles, wood, metal and other surfaces can be finished with top coat of;

  • EcoSphere - Indoor paint made with lime and graphene. Also has an anti-mould and anti-bacteria effect improving air quality.
  • GCS Interior - Indoor paint made with lime, silicate and graphene.
  • GCS Exterior - Outdoor paint made with lime, silicate and graphene.
  • GrafClean - Indoor and outdoor paint suitable for areas that require cleaning (more like an acrylic paint).
  • GrafClean MidSheen - Indoor and outdoor paint with a slight sheen suitable for areas that require constant cleaning (more like an acrylic paint)

Case Study

Read about our Sharon's experience of using Four2Four and GrafClean MidSheen to paint her kitchen wall tiles.

Primer application for all substrates

See the Four2Four Technical Data Sheet for full details, however in brief:

  • Ensure the substrate is dry, clean and sound. If the substrate is dusty, or has any grease, dirt or other impurities we recommend to thoroughly clean before applying the Four2Four.
  • Mix the primer to an even consistency before applying.
  • Sand between coats if a smooth final finish is required.
  • If the primer is not covered with the finishing coat within 7 days it is recommended to sand softly to enhance the top coat adhesion.

How to prime bathroom and kitchen tiles for painting

  • Apply 1 or 2 coats depending on the absorption of the surface (sanding between layers if a smooth finish is required).

How to prime metal for painting

  • On metal surfaces with corrosion or oxidation, clean the surface and apply a passivating agent before applying Four2Four.
  • For sound surfaces, sand softly to improve adhesion.
  • Apply 1 or 2 coats depending on the absorption of the surface.

How to prime mdf for painting

  • Apply 2 coats sanding in between layers.

How to seal wood before painting

  • Sand wood (along the grain).
  • Clean thoroughly removing all resins or resin secretion on the surface.
  • Smooth up sharp edges.
  • Apply 1 or 2 coats depending on the absorption of the surface (sanding between layers if a smooth finish is required).

How to seal stains before painting

  • Apply 1 coat on the affected surface to detect the stain.
  • Apply a second coat for more unmanageable spots.
  • Please note that the product does not hide stains, the full opacity is achieved with the finishing paint.

You may also need Brushes or Rollers, Masking Tape and Paint Trays - see our Painting Accessories page.