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Treatex - Hardwax Oil ULTRA Natural


Please contact us to order

Prices Include VAT

Please contact us to order

Prices Include VAT

Hardwax Oil ULTRA Natural, is a wood oil by Treatex, providers of superior natural wood finishes. This interior wood oil protects and enhances the natural beauty of wood, combines the benefits of wax and oil into one product. The ideal natural wood finish for interior woodwork such as wooden floors, doors, tables, worktops, furniture, etc. Manufactured on a base of sustainable raw materials including; linseed oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, carnauba wax and candelilla wax.

Treatex Hardwax Oil Natural has 2 specific uses:

1. As a base coat for lighter coloured woods to retain the natural colour. Hardwax Oil ULTRA Natural contains a small amount of white pigment to neutralise the darkening effect of a Hardwax Clear top coat.

To keep the finished colour closer to the original untreated wood colour, apply a coat of the Hardwax Oil ULTRA Natural, followed by a coat of Hardwax Oil Clear ULTRA.

2. As a top coat to protect and enhance the finish of the Treatex Colour Tone ULTRA - Spruce which also contains a white pigment.

Key Features of Treatex Hardwax Oil Natural for Wood

  • Easy to apply & quick drying
  • No sanding required between coats
  • Low odour, meets with VOC emissions regulations
  • Keeps lighter timbers from "warming" when Hardwax Oil Ultra Clear is applied
  • Very durable, hardwearing wood oil that's water resistant and withstands high temperatures.
  • R10 Slip Resistance & slip resistant certified for commercial use according to DIN-51130, DIN-51131 & EN-13893
  • Wood finishes resistant to spills of water, wine, beer, coffee, fizzy drinks, etc according to DIN 68861-1B
  • Child Safe for use on children's toys when dry according to DIN EN 71-3


Approx. 20m² per litre per coat

Drying time: approx. 3-6 hours dependant on climatic conditions, drying times can be decreased by increasing temperature introducing air flow to the applied area.


Suitable for: Internal use

Recommended timbers: Lighter coloured timbers eg Oak, Ash, Beech, Birch, Maple, Sycamore etc

Applications: Floors, doors, stairs, worktops, wood turning, wood toys, instruments.


Ensure this product is applied to bare wood (or used as a top finishing coat to a compatible product such as Treatex Colour Tones ULTRA - Spruce)

When using as a base:

  • sand the surface to between 80-120 grit sandpaper,
  • ensure that all surfaces are free of any dust, dirt and other contaminants.

When using it as a top coat:

  • Make sure you have applied the previous coat within the last 24 hours
  • Make sure the previous coat is fully dry and free of conTaminants


When using as a base:

  • Ensure coats are applied thinly with a Natural Bristle brush, Floor Brush or Short Pile Roller. Ensure your finishing stroke goes with the grain.
  • Any mistakes such as over application can be corrected up to 10-15 minutes after application.
  • Please ensure first coat is fully dry before application of the second coat of Treatex Hardwax Oil Ultra Clear.

When using it as a top coat:

  • Apply using a brush or roller
  • Leave to dry for 3 to 6 hours.
  • Then apply a second coat and allow it to dry overnight

Further Information

Treatex Hardwax Oil ULTRA Natural Safety Datasheet (pdf)

 Happy customers that recently bought & used Treatex hardwax wood oil were looking for:

  • Tough wood floor oil for my oak hall way.
  • Low VOC emissions oil for wood furniture.
  • Linseed oil wood finish.

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