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Osmo - Wood Putty - 7350



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Osmo Wood Putty Parquet flooring gap filler - 5 Litres

A clear polymer used for filling cracks and joints on sanded wood block and Parquet flooring.

  • High filling power
  • Quick Drying
  • Good sanding properties
  • Low odour


Woodblock and parquet flooring gap filler.

Mix Osmo Wood Putty with sanding dust from the same type of wood, to create a colour-matched paste (approximately 15% weight increase to obtain correct consistency).

Fill flooring diagonally with a rust-free double blade scraper and at the same time press the wood putty firmly into joints. Repeat process if necessary. After 30 – 60 minutes the dried paste can be coarsely sanded (grit P80) and then finely sanded (grit P100 – 120) so that no wood putty is left on the surface of the parquet.

Any dirt or stains left behind by Osmo Wood Putty can be cleaned quickly with water. Note: As wood putty mixture and processing strongly depends on the wood species and on the sanding dust, a trial application is absolutely necessary!

Do not fill joints in sprung or plank-wood flooring!


Treatment with various Osmo oil-wax systems such as Osmo Polyx Oil can then be carried out after filling.