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Osmo - Opaque Gloss Wood Stain


Please contact us for a quote

Prices Include VAT

Please contact us for a quote

Prices Include VAT

Osmo Opaque Gloss Woodstain is an oil-based, opaque wood finish for exterior use.

Available in white, it will hide the grain and colour of the wood but allow the texture to show through.

Based on micro-porous oils that allow the wood to breathe whilst giving exceptional resistance and durability for both exterior and interior use. Ideal for coating or recoating dimensionally stable elements, e.g. doors, windows, window shutters and doors, as well as dimensionally unstable elements, e.g. roof soffits, fences, screens, pergolas, trellis, posts, garden pavilions, greenhouses and garden furniture.

  • Coverage: 20m² per Litre per coat (2 coats required). Rough sawn timbers are more absorbent meaning stated coverage is likely to be reduced.
  • Drying time 10-12 hours (based on 23°C/50% Relative Humidity)


Please ensure this product is applied to bare wood with surfaces clean & dry.

Ensure wood is sanded to no more than 120 grit.

For added protection for areas which are especially wet and/or softwoods, we recommend using Osmo WR Base Coat as it helps repel water preventing swelling of the wood and gives additional protection against insects, rot & blue stain according to DIN 68800 part 3 for exterior wood.


Ensure coats are applied thinly with a Natural Bristle brush or Short Pile Roller, ensure your finishing stroke goes with the grain. Any mistakes such as over application can be corrected up to 15 minutes after application. Please ensure first coat is dry before applying the second coat as drying times can vary due to conditions.


Areas that have weathered can simply be refreshed by applying a fresh coat. Areas with damage such as scratches can be repaired with a light sanding and re-application of the oil.