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Osmo - Polyx Oil Clear Original



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Polyx Finishes

The ideal solution for interior woodwork, combining the benefits of both oils and waxes to provide a very hard-wearing, durable and non-yellowing finish for flooring and furniture. Available in 4 different sheen levels (see right).

Developed from natural, renewable sources, the Osmo Polyx Oil is free from biocides and preservatives. Safe for children's toys when dry.

Suitable for the protection of all wooden flooring such as solid wood and plank wood flooring, block-strip, OSB, Cork Floors and furniture.

The Polyx oil is microporous, does not crack, peel or blister.

  • Coverage: 24m² per Litre per coat (2 coats required)
  • Drying time 8-10 hours (based on 23°C/50% Relative Humidity) 


Please ensure this product is applied to bare wood (or over a compatible Osmo product such as the Polyx Oil Tints) with surfaces clean & dry. Any scratches and small holes can be filled using the Osmo Wood Filler.

Ensure wood is sanded to no more than 120 grit.

For added protection for areas which are especially wet, we recommend using the Osmo Wood Protector as it helps prevent the development of blue stain (softwoods such as pine are particularly susceptible).


Ensure coats are applied thinly with a Natural Bristle brush, Floor Brush or Short Pile Roller, ensure your finishing stroke goes with the grain. Any mistakes such as over application can be corrected up to 30 minutes after application. Please ensure first coat is dry before applying the second coat as drying times can vary due to conditions.


For cleaning we recommend using the Osmo Wash & Care, for persistent stains use the Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner.

The Osmo Polyx Oil is not suitable for cleaning with any steam cleaners.

Areas that have worn can simply be refreshed by applying a fresh coat. Areas with damage such as scratches can be repaired with a light sanding and re-application of the oil.


For more detailed information download the;