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Harris - Taskmasters Roller Set Mini Emulsion and Gloss Set



Prices Include VAT


Prices Include VAT

This option is currently out of stock. Please get in touch with us for more information regarding expected availability.

The Harris mini roller sleeves can be used for gloss painting, emulsion painting and for smoothing down wallpaper seams. The close control a small roller provides means you can use them for detailing work, such as painting the railings on a banister, or the curved external join between two walls. Using a mini roller can be a time saver when it comes to larger areas too, such as doors, skirting boards and upcycling furniture.
For smaller areas, this emulsion and gloss roller set is ideal. It’s small in size, making it easy to hold while painting, and features one roller sleeve with pile suitable for emulsion paint and one smooth sleeve for gloss paint.

What’s in the mini set;

1 x Emulsion Mini Sleeve
1 x Gloss Mini Sleeve
1 x 4" Plastic Roller Tray
1 x 4" Mini Roller Handle