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Lime Putty Fine Surface Filler

Celtic Sustainables

£12.50 - £28.00

Prices Include VAT

£12.50 - £28.00

Prices Include VAT

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Our lime putty based, Fine Surface Filler has been developed for use on small gaps and surface cracks in lime plasters and lime renders. This Lime filler is a mix of Hydrated lime and fine aggregate giving a premium smooth finish. Suitable for Internal and External use.

Available in 2kg (1 litre) and 10kg (5 litre) tubs.


The filler is ready to use straight from the tub.

  • Spray dry surfaces with a light mist of water to ensure adhesion,
  • Press filler into cracks with a filler knife.
  • As the filler dries, you can smooth the surface with a wet blade.
  • Once dry, the filler can be sanded if necessary.


The Lime Putty Filler can be stored indefinitely if covered with a layer of water and kept in an airtight container.

Please Note:

Lime fillers can be painted just like other common household fillers. However, lime is alkaline and will remain so for at least a month. Certain paints will require the filler to reach carbonation before they are applied. Check the application guidance for your chosen product to ensure the filler has had a chance to carbonate before you paint.