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Cylinder Rainwater Tank Range


Contact us for competitive quote.

Prices Include VAT

Contact us for competitive quote.

Prices Include VAT

Rainwater Storage - 1250 litres to 10000 litre Water Tanks

Enduratank’s Rainwater Harvesting Tanks (also known as a Rainwater Recycling Tanks) is a self-supporting vertical cylindrical tank constructed of UV stabilised MDPE (mid density polyethylene) with a ribbed design for added strength giving an aesthetic appearance. Designed to provide rainwater/grey water storage for Rainwater Harvesting Systems it allows rainwater to be harvested, conserved and recycled at your convenience for many purposes where either mains water is not required or not available. Also comes with a child-proof lid.

Popular uses include:

  • Landscape watering for parks and recreational purposes
  • Horticultural and Market Garden applications
  • Cost effective watering systems for groundskeepers and sporting stadia
  • Toilet flushing in industrial, commercial, hospital or school environments
  • Equine and agricultural establishments
  • Irrigation and/or wash-down facilities
  • Rainwater, being non-chlorinated, is better for plants and gardens
  • Civil engineering applications where mains water is unavailable
  • Agricultural tank and farm sprayer tank
  • Crop sprayer tank
  • Sea water storage tanks for aquariums and sea life centres

For this rainwater storage tank, we recommend connecting the water-butt to your down-pipe with the Filter Collector Universal. This filter is everything you need for collecting water from your downpipe and will filter out any debris before transferring the water into the tank.

Free economy delivery to mainland UK.

Please Note: Unless agreed prior to delivery our standard delivery vehicles do not have the facilities to unload your tank.

Technical Information

  • Capacity - 1,250 Litres to 10,000 Litre Water Tanks
  • 1250 litre water tank dimensions (1,250L) - D: 120cm, H: 120cm -- Lid: 46cm
  • 2000 litre water tank dimensions (2,000L) - D: 120cm, H: 190cm -- Lid: 46cm 
  • 2500 litre water tank dimensions (2,500L) - D: 140cm, H: 180cm -- Lid: 46cm 
  • 4000 litre water tank dimensions (4,000L) - D: 190cm, H: 188cm -- Lid: 62cm
  • 6000 litre water tank dimensions (6,000L) - D: 190cm, H: 250cm -- Lid: 62cm
  • 6500 litre water tank dimensions (6,500L) - D: 260cm, H: 150cm -- Lid: 62cm - no longer available.
  • 7000 litre water tank dimensions (7,000L) - D: 240cm, H: 182cm -- Lid: 62cm
  • 8500 litre water tank dimensions (8,500L) - D: 260cm, H: 207cm -- Lid: 62cm
  • 10000 litre water tank dimensions (10,000L) - D: 240cm, H: 250cm -- Lid: 62cm
  • Material - UV stabalised High-Grade Medium Density Polyethylene
  • Connection Points - 2" outlet (or 1.5" outlet for 1,250L, 2,000L and 2,500L units)
  • Recommended diverter for rainwater harvesting - Filter Collector Universal

Guides and ideas

A bit undecided about what options are available to you?

Then have a look at our Rainwater Harvesting FAQs and have a read of our informative guides.