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In-tank Rainwater Harvesting Pump System


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PKIT Series

Please contact us to order

Prices Include VAT

Rainwater Harvesting Pump and Kit (Submersible) for inside Water Storage Tanks

To make it easier for homes, offices and commerical buidings to harvest rain using larger tanks, often above ground tanks, we have created a range of Rain Harvesting Pump Kits. The Kits give you substantial savings over the components purchased individually.

The Pump Kits come with Mains Water Top-up (the PKITM Series) or without mains back up (PKIT Series).

The SteelPump is a quality cleanwater pump, so if using with Rainwater the water must be (filtered) prior to the pump, for which our Rainwater Tank Filter Kits and rainwater filters are ideal.

All the Pump Kits are suitable for new and existing water storage tanks including PE, GRP and concrete tanks (like for example Enduramaxx, Rototek, Wydale and Balmoral).

All Pump Kits include:

XAJE80P SteelPump

A professional quality automatic jet-pump, with stainless steel motor body. Submersible and selfpriming, ideal for domestic non-potable water supply. The intelligent pump responds to pressure in the delivery pipe. It turns itself on when there is a demand for water, then switches off again automatically once the demand has been met. More information about the XAJE80P SteelPump or to purchase this item individually.

Floating Intake

The Intake floats just below the water surface (where the cleanest water is found). The Intake’s fine stainless steel mesh filters the extracted by the pump. The intake also has a non-return (check) valve within it. It is complete with a 1m heavy duty suction hose and fittings to attach it to the SteelPump. More information about the Floating Intake or to purchase this item individually.

Pump to Turret Hose

The Pump to Turret Hose connects the pump outlet of your SteelPump to the turret of your rainwater tank.

Designed to fit vertical or horizontal PE, GRP or concrete water storage tanks.

Your SteelPump sits on the floor of your storage tank. The internal height of your rainwater tank will therefore determine the length of Turret Hose you require. The Heavy Duty Hose comes complete with fittings to attach the hose to the SteelPump Select the hose length from the options above.

Pump Kit with Mains Water Back Up

The PKITM Series of Pump Kits includes the best selling TCA5000950 Top-Up Controller Kit to supply your tank with Mains Water when the collected rainwater runs low. This ensures a year round supply of water to appliances in low rainfall periods.

The Controller uses a solid state conductivity sensor to sense low water level, avoiding the movement and accuracy issues of a float switch. Conductivity sensors experience no mechanical wear during use leading to long lifespan and reliability.

Electronically timed top-up overrun alarm, halts operation and alerts the user in the event that the tank level fails to be replenished by the top-up cycle. Prevents potential wastage of water due to tank or duct failure. Alerts the user to failure of the solenoid valve.

Pump isolation is optional using the front power socket, and allows the Controller to isolate the pump during a top-up cycle to avoid water useage exceeding the rate of replenishment. Water is topped up via a BSEN13076 and BS8515 compliant tundish.

Supplied with 15metre conductivity probe, 1/2” solenoid valve, tundish, stainless steel braided mains water connection hose, and 50mm tundish.

Pump Kit without Mains Water Back Up

THe PKIT Series of Pump Kits do not have mains water back up and use only the rain stored in your water tank. The included Float Switch turns the pump off if the water level gets too low. This, backed up by the dry-run protection in the pump’s software, ensures a longer life for your pump as it will not run unnecessarily when there is no rainwater in your tank.

The SteelPump comes with a 2 years manufacturers guarantee for parts and manufacturing defects.