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Rainwater Tank Filter System

3P Technik

£367.84 - £935.51

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TKIT Series
£367.84 - £935.51

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Rainwater Harvesting Filters for Water Storage Tanks

To make it easier to collect and store rain using larger tanks, we have created this range of Rainwater Harvesting Filter Systems. The Kits give you substantial savings over the components purchased individually.

These Tank Kits are suitable for new and existing water storage tanks including Plastic (PE), Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and concrete tanks (for example Enduramaxx, Rototek, Wydale and Balmoral).

The Tank Kits cover the first three steps of the professional rainwater cleaning system; filter, calm, overflow (the 4th step is the Floating Intake and included in our Water Pump Kits). They include an appropriate filter (sized according to the roof area), a calmed inlet and overflow siphon. They can be retro fitted into existing tanks, or purchased with new, above and below ground rainwater tanks. 



The first step in the rainwater system is the filter. The rainwater flows from the roof to the filter. Here, dirt particles and debris are separated from the water. The cleaned water flows to the tank. The dirt is washed to waste or soakaway with a small amount of rainwater. All 3P Technik’s rainwater filters have stainless steel inserts, which are easy to remove and easy to clean. Their many different working principles and connection possibilities allow for their use in many different installation situations. Complies with BS8515.

Our Rainwater Harvesting Systems come with filters sized according to the maximum roof area you will be harvesting from.

200m2 Roof Area

Uses the Patronenfilter to clean the rainwater. With a height difference between the rainwater inlet and outlet of just 66mm, this filter is perfect for maximising the storage capacity of your rainwater tank.

450m2 Roof Area

Uses the VF1 Filter or VF1 Combi Filter. These filters have two filters within them and are ideal for mid-sized roofs and larger water storage tanks. The primary filter gets rid of the largest dirt particles (leaves etc), the pre-filtered water then flows over a secondary filter sieve directly into the sewer. This means these filters are self-cleaning and require very low maintenance.

Select "450m2 with VF1 Filter" when installing the filter in a below ground tank.

Select "450m2 with VF1 Filter and Filter Extension Tube" when installing the filter before the tank as a "pre-tank" filter below the ground. The telescopic extension has a locking lid and can be adjusted to a maximum height of 750mm (minimum 250mm).

Select "450m2 with VF1 Combi Filter" when installing the filter in an above ground water tank.

800m2 Roof Area

Uses the Twin Filter. The Twin filter can be installed in chambers underground, however, it is more commonly fitted directly against a frost-free wall. The 2 filters in the Filter mean that the unit can be installed against a non-vertical surface. Strong Wall Brackets are included in the Kit to attach the filter to a wall.

If you would like to discuss your rainwater filter requirements, please contact us either by email or phone. We are more than happy to talk through your requirements.


step-2-calmed-inlet.jpgIn the rainwater collection tank, any residual particles heavier than water settle to the bottom of the tank. The 3P Technik Calmed Inlet ensures that oxygenated water is introduced to the lower layers of the stored water in the tank without disturbing the settled sedimentation. This oxygen-rich water prevents anaerobic reducing conditions forming in the storage tank and ensures that the water stays fresh.

The same 3P Technik Calmed Inlet is included in each Kit.


step-3-overflow-siphon.jpgParticles lighter than water (e.g. pollen) float slowly to the water surface. 3P Technik’s expertly designed overflow siphons, with a skimmer effect, removes this floating layer. The regular overflow from the storage tank is vital to obtain optimum water quality. It prevents souring of the water. The floating layer will otherwise build up over time, and so reduce oxygen diffusion at the water surface, which in turn could lead to anaerobic reducing conditions in the tank.

We have chosen 3P Technik's Uno Overflow Siphon for this kit. It skims the surface water of debris and the U-bend design ensures any smell escaping from the tank and deters rodents and other animal life getting into the tank.

All 3P components are BS8515 compliant.


Please see our Rainwater Pump Kits for in-tank situations for the 4th Step.

Guides and ideas

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Then have a look at our Rainwater Harvesting FAQs and have a read of our informative guides.