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​Official Beeck Silicate Paint Stockist Supplier in the UK

​Official Beeck Silicate Paint Stockist Supplier in the UK

Posted by Sarah, Celtic Sustainables on 17th May 2024

Key Features of Beeck Paint

Beeck Mineral paints are an excellent choice for those who want a breathable and durable finish. They are entirely vapour permeable and environmentally friendly, with low VOCs. This makes them a great choice for anyone concerned about the impact of their paint on the environment. They are free from chemicals and can be fully recycled. Unlike other paints, mineral paints don't break down over time due to their physical bond. They are also extremely lightfast and hard-wearing, meaning that aside from natural weathering, they offer unsurpassed durability.

The paints are naturally fireproof and resistant to mould growth. They are free from chemicals and can be fully recycled.

Beeck Internal Paint System

Beeck Maxil Pro Interior Silicate Paint. Suitable for use in traditional and modern buildings. Suitable for most surfaces (primer only needed on bare lime plasters, brick, or stone). Beeck interior paint is mould-resistant, pH-balanced, and free of preservatives and biocides. It regulates humidity for a healthier internal climate and offers exceptional durability.

  • Highly Breathable
  • Scrub resistance washability is rated high
  • Non-Flammable
  • Beeck only uses natural UV-resistant pigments in their paint.

Beeck External Paint System

Beeck Renosil Fine Exterior Silicate Masonry Paint is suitable for traditional and modern buildings.

Beeck external paints are fully vapour permeable and suitable for application onto any external masonry with the correct preparation or primer. Due to silicification, Beeck Mineral Paints will comfortably outlast any conventional paint coating, even in most testing environments.

Beeck's line of exterior mineral paints includes a hydrophobic component that helps to repel liquid and reduce the amount of water that enters the building. Although the paint is not entirely waterproof, this extra feature provides an additional layer of protection to the building. Additionally, this hydrophobic component enables the building to dry much faster in wet weather, providing an extra layer of security.

Beeck Primers and fillers

Beeck Fixative Mineral Primer is used on porous mineral surfaces such as lime plaster, lime render, stone and brick before

painting with Beeck Mineral paints.

Beeck Etching Fluid Removes lime deposits from fresh render before applying Beeck Mineral Paint

Beeck Quartz Filler Is a textured priming coat designed to level and unify multiple substrates, uneven surfaces, and imperfections (such as hairline cracks) before decoration.

Beeck SP Plus – A transparent water-repellent coating, Beeck SP Plus has excellent breathability and durability for exterior mineral facades, such as lime render, natural stone, and porous brick. The finish is clear.

Beeck Mineral Colour

The Beeck mineral colours provide a range of 200 contemporary colour options that are perfect for use on mineral building materials, be it a listed building or a modern structure. The range includes both white and off-white shades. However, if you are looking to purchase sample pots, they are only available in the 20 colours that we have listed. If you want more information or wish to order additional colours, please feel free to  contact us.

Colour Card….Coming soon…

Our team of experienced paint experts have carefully assembled and is delighted to present a thoughtfully curated colour card showcasing trendy and popular hues. Colour-matching services are available - don't hesitate to contact us for more information (you can pre-order a colour card today!)

It is imperative to purchase paint samples before making a final decision on the colour and texture of the paint.