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Beeck - SP Plus


£110.40 - £208.80

Prices Include VAT

£110.40 - £208.80

Prices Include VAT

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Beeck SP Plus is a clear water-repellent coating, Beeck SP Plus, offers excellent breathability and durability for exterior mineral facades, including lime render, natural stone, and porous brick.

Key Features

  • Colourless and transparent
  • Alkaline-resistant for long-lasting protection of lime or cement renders
  • Ideal for natural stone, porous brick, or Beeck ASF® Active Silicate Formulations
  • Guards against moisture and building material corrosion
  • Prevents activation and capillary transport of harmful salts and discolouring elements
  • Promotes improved thermal insulation and reduces algae growth by preventing moisture accumulation
  • Available in two sizes

Overview - Beeck SP Plus is widely used across the UK and Europe to safeguard exterior mineral facades against water absorption from rain, spray, or humidity. Its colourless and transparent formula coats the substrate's pores. It provides deep water repellence that causes water to bead off the surface rather than soak in whilst still allowing vapour to pass through—an essential trait for solid-walled buildings.

By preventing water absorption, Beeck SP Plus enhances thermal comfort and protects against water-induced corrosion, contaminants, and soiling. It's available in 5L and 10L sizes.

Best Used With
Beeck Etching Fluid: Acid concentrate removes lime binder deposits from the new render.
D/2 Biological Solution: Non-hazardous cleaning solution for exterior surfaces, particularly algae. 


  • It is recommended for external use on vertical absorbent mineral surfaces such as lime render, cement render, natural stone, and porous brick. Professional commercial users are advised to apply it.
  • Ensure the surface is stable, clean, debris-free, and dry before applying. Background preparation and application guidance vary depending on the substrate. Read all documentation before use.
  • Use Beeck Etching Fluid before applying SP Plus to improve the chemical bond for bare lime or cement render.
  • If applying to new active silicate-based coatings, wait ten days.
  • After application, protect from environmental conditions for 24 hours. Always test on a small area first.

Coverage Rate - Coverage is approximately 0.25 – 0.8 L / m², but varies based on surface and application method. Apply on a test area to estimate coverage.

Do not use in temperatures below 3°C or above 25°C, or in adverse conditions like frost, rain, or direct sunlight.

Surface hydrophobicity may deteriorate over time due to natural degradation and weathering, requiring reapplication after around 15 years.

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