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Beeck - Etching Fluid



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Beeck Etching Fluid is an acid concentrate efficiently clears lime deposits from fresh render, revealing silica for a stronger paint bond.

Key Features

  • Removes lime deposits from fresh render before applying a finishing Beeck paint
  • Uncovers silica for enhanced paint adhesion
  • Available in two sizes
  • Designed for interior surfaces and facades
  • Water-thinnable: Start with concentrate, then dilute with 3 – 5 parts water
  • Works well on solid lime and lime-cement render or plaster
  • Effectively removes lime sinter layers
  • Prepares surface to meet VOB/C standards and ready for painting
  • Reduces absorbency and staining
  • Neutralization products are water-insoluble, preventing efflorescence
  • When used correctly, neutralisation is complete and rinsing water is acid-free
  • Nonflammable


  • Aqueous acidic solution of fluorosilic acids (pure mineral acids)
  • Free from solvents, biocides, preservatives, no organic content

Coverage Rate

  • 0.02 L BEECK Etching Fluid per m² (approximately 0.08 – 0.10 L thinned solution).
  • Try out on a test area to determine substrate-related application rate differences.
  • Container sizes: 5 L / 10 L

Overview - Etching Fluid eliminates lime residue from new lime and lime-based cement plasters, preparing a surface conducive to silicate system treatment. Suitable for all mineral building materials with a partly calcareous nature, notably plasters falling within mortar categories PI-PIII as per DIN 18 550 standards, indoors and outdoors. It also rejuvenates weathered mineral plasters, including aged lime and silicate coatings.

It is not recommended for use on gypsum or natural stone.


  • Commercial use only. Note and follow official instructions regarding façade cleaning, wastewater collection, and discharge. If necessary, obtain permits.
  • Carefully cover surfaces not to be treated—especially glass, ceramics, window sills, expansion joints, lacquer, and anodic coatings—and protect them from splashes. Watch out for drifting splashes caused by the wind. Enclose the façade if necessary.
  • Wear appropriate PPE.
  • Deploy instructed, competent personnel only.
  • Do not use in enclosed spaces, basements, shafts or manholes. Ensure sufficient fresh air exchange when working indoors.
  • Do not use in wet conditions, where frost is a risk, on hot surfaces, or in the blazing sun.
  • Application temperature: +3°C to +25°C
  • Do not let the acid dry out, rinse after 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Subsequent coats and presetting: after the whole substrate area has dried, at least 8 - 12 hours, depending on the weather conditions.

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