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Universal Long Link Kits

3P Technik


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Prices Include VAT

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Long Link kits to connect your downpipe to your water butt

These kits enable the extended connection of a Filter Collector or any 3/4" downpipe filter to any thin walled (up to 7mm) water butt or a tank where a back-nut can be fitted inside the tank.

It comes complete with a 32mm flat-bit for drilling the required access into the water-butt/tank, a rubber seal and back-nut.

It is available in either 1, 2 or 5m lengths of medium duty PVC hose. Lengths over 1m will need to be bracketed, or otherwise supported, across the wall to avoid sagging.

Kit includes:

  • 32mm (1.25") Medium duty hose of chosen length
  • Hosetail
  • Stainless Steel Hoseclip
  • Rubber Seal
  • Backnut
  • 32mm Flat Drill Bit

Other versions:

If you cannot get your hand inside your water tank to fit and tighten the backnut, the Push Fit Long Link Kit is a better option for you.