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Treatex - Eco Colours


Please contact us to order

Prices Include VAT

Please contact us to order

Prices Include VAT

Virtually zero VOC water based paint for interior or exterior wood

Treatex Eco Colours is a fantastic step forward in coloured wood finishes. It is a solvent free, weather resistant water based paint specifically designed to comply with the increasingly stringent criteria relating to solvents and harmful VOCs in wood finishes. Safe for use on children's toys, this paint can even be used on bee hives!

This odourless paint (virtually VOC free) combines water with refined natural oils and resins from renewable sources.

Available in three primary colours (blue, red and yellow), black and white so you can mix any colour you want!

For use indoors and outdoors on pretty much any unfinished wood*, from kitchen cabinets and children's toys to doors, windows, bee hives and fences.

* High tannin timbers (like oak, teak, cedar or mahogany) should be treated with Treatex Stain Inhibitor first.


  • Easy to apply
  • High coverage
  • Colours can be mixed to create your desired tone
  • Highly water resistant
  • Contains no biocides or toxic ingredients
  • Virtually zero VOC
  • Safe for use on children's toys
  • Safe for use on bee hives
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Will not flake, peel or blister


1L covers approximately 12-15m² in one coat depending on the timber and method of application. Note, rough sawn timbers will increase consumption. 

Drying time: Surfaces will be touch dry in about 3 hours and can be over-coated after about 8 hours. Different humidity levels may affect this.


Suitable for: Internal and External use

Recommended timbers: Most species of timber

Applications: Doors, windows, fences garden houses, cladding, kitchen cabinets, toys, garden furniture, bee hives etc. Not recommended for decking.


Treatex Eco Colours work best on unfinished timber, so remove previous finishes beforehand and ensure the surfaces are dry and free from contaminants. Treat exterior timbers with high tannin levels with Treatex Stain Inhibitor first to prevent staining. This includes teak, oak, cedar and mahogany.

Ensure the temperature is between 8-25 degrees celsius and that humidity is below 65% before application and drying. We recommend a trial application prior to starting the project.


  • Stir tins thoroughly before use and during application.
  • Use a brush or roller to apply the environmentally friendly paint evenly with the grain, with special attention to the end grain. Apply 60-85ml/m² per coat.
  • For internal use, 2 coats should suffice, and 3 coats should provide more protection for external use.
  • It will be touch dry in about 3 hours and can be coated after 8 hours. Different humidity levels may affect this.

Insider Tips

  • Treatex brushes are available.
  • Wet brushes and rollers can be cleaned in warm soapy water (remove as much excess product before washing)
  • Colours can be mixed to achieve your desired tone.

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