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Old Knobbley the Oak Tree - Children's picture book


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Old Knobbley is a much loved 800 year old English Oak Tree growing in Mistley, England. With a trunk circumference of about 9.5m and just 4.3m high, Old Knobbley is a wonder to behold.

Old Knobbley’s biography is the form of a beautifully illustrated children’s book.

The 54 page full colour paperback book follows Old Knobbley’s life from acorn to ancient, 800 year old, oak tree. It helps children connect history with nature and to understand the link between them.

Beautifully illustrated with imagined portraits of Old Knobbley through the centuries and a corresponding timeline that highlights key inventions and events.

Also includes scrapbook timeline pages for children to add their own family history, instructions on how to grow an oak tree like Old Knobbley and a glossary covering terms and events.

“Not only is it a great book for children but will also make adults think next time they see a big old tree. Wouldn’t it be good if all trees could talk, what a story they would have to tell”

Chris Packham


Title: Old Knobbley the Oak Tree
Author: Morag Embleton
ISBN: 978-1-8382542-0-9
Pages: 54 full colour
Type: Children’s illustrated paperback
Dimensions: A4 landscape (30cm x 21cm x 7mm approx)
Language: English

For every second book sold, the author plants one tree with the charity