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Garden & RWH Pumps

A Truely Sustainable Water Pump

Our most popular brand of pumps is "SteelPumps", not only are they some of the quietest pumps on the market, designed for being submerged and for working out of water, they are also fully repairable and servicable. This makes them a truely sustainable pump. They are designed to last; the oversized bearings and motors serve to reduce wear, stress and heat generation compared with other brands. Furthermore the water cooled design and stainless steel stator housing remove heat from the motor faster than any other type of design. SteelPumps stay as cool as the water they are pumping. This makes them ideal in mains water top up applications, where pumps are partially submerged for long periods of time.

Unsure which pump is right for you?

If you need some help and advice on choosing the best pump or pump controller for your application, whether that is in your home or in a commercial installation, call our Water Team on 01239 777009.