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  • Divertron - 1200X
  • DAB Divertron  X with 1" inlet and outlet
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  • Divertron 1200X Pump with 1m Floating Intake


Divertron 1200X

£326.00  Price includes VAT

Product Code: IR10126

Product Description

DAB Divertron 1200x submersible pump

The DAB Divertron 1200X also referred to as Leader Divertron 1200 x pump is a high quality 1HP multi-stage DAB submersible pump with 4 impellers and electronic flow control (i.e. it will automatically pump on demand). The electronic flow control of the DAB Divertron 1200 pump responds to the pressure in the outlet pipe. As the user draws water by opening a tap or similar, the pump starts automatically! Turn the demand for water off and the pump cuts out automatically too. It is manufactured with anti-corrosive and rust-proof materials. The motor has thermal overload protection. The Divertron 1200X  has 1" threaded inlet and outlet.

The Divertron 1200X is designed for pumping clean water only. The impeller and internal non return valve (NRV) will be damaged if abrasives and solids are run through it.

It is very safe in an outside submerged application, as the pump is totally water proof. This makes it especially safe where children are around - for total peace of mind.  All the Diverton pumps need to be submerged when running. 

The Divertron 1200X DAB submersible pump has a wear resistant shaft. Being cooled by the waterbody that the pump is immersed it is quiet in operation.

Supplied with a 15 metre power cable with 2-pin (Schuko) plug and integral non return valve. The typical electrical installation for the Divertron pumps would be hard wired to a control panel for mains water top up systems. We recommend the Divertron be wired to a single fused spur outlet circuit. If in doubt, consult a professional electrician.

The Divertron pumps shouldn't sit on the floor of any water tank without using a floating intake and MUST be kept withi 15o of vertical. 

The Divertron pumps shouldn't sit on the floor of any water tank without using a floating intake (see options above) and MUST be kept within 15o of vertical. If a floating intake is not possible, we recommend suspending the pump using a suitable lifting cable (not supplied) and using a mesh strainer which simply screws into the 1" inlet (see options above).

A pressure vessel will help prevent false re-starts due to small pressure leaks.

Ideal for:

  • Domestic water boosting
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Surface irrigation
  • Tank transfer (see QuickStop Valves too to save energy)
  • Above ground tanks
  • Garden water butt, larger types
  • Submersed surface and underground installation.

IF BEING USED AS A SUBMERSIBLE PUMP IN A TANK WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND FITTING WITH A FLOATING INTAKE, See options above or, for longer hose lengths see our floating intake page.

NOTE: This Divertron 1200X pump must be fully submerged and you must take care to ensure it is always underwater while in use - the Divertron 1200X motor is cooled by the waterbody that the pump is immersed in - so when partially out of water it is at risk of overheating as your water tank may get low and you may still pump water from it, an alternative/better option to consider is the Steelpump XAJE80P which can be run out of the water as well as being fully waterproof (IP68) - the SteelPumps are all cooled by the water flowing through the pump. If in any doubt, please contact us for advice 

Pressure Vessel

We highly recommend you fit a pressure vessel to the water delivery pipework (after the pump). Pressure Vessels help increase the life of your automatic pump when there are leaks in your pipe network/taps. Read more about how Pressure Vessels work.

Technical Features

Guides and ideas

A bit undecided about what options are available to you?

Then have a look at our Rainwater Harvesting FAQs and have a read of our informative guides or else drop us an email.

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