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Auro 331 Natural Clay Paint


Please contact us to order

Prices Include VAT

Please contact us to order

Prices Include VAT

High Grade Clay Paint

Auro 331 is a new clay paint for living spaces. It is splash water resistant and therefore well suited for application in kitchens and bathrooms. The biogenic binding agent REPLEBIN®* guarantees professional product features, e.g. a good abrasion resistance (class 3, DIN 53778) and opacity (class 2).

AURO High-grade Natural Clay paint is the first ready-to-use clay paint on the market that has no preservatives at all. It is MI and BI free.

Wonderfully creamy white matt finish.
Thanks to Auro's ecological choice of raw materials and compliance with the strict AgBB criteria on emissions (a German evaluation scheme for VOC emission from construction products), this product is a special recommendation for use in living areas. It has a moisture regulating effect and is open to water vapour diffusion and highly breathable. It is especially recommended for use in sleeping rooms because the paint can store the humidity emitted during the night and release it again therefore improving air quality in the bedroom.
Roller application produces a fine and smooth coating because the light clay used in the product is not granular or sandy.
Thick coverage with great covering power and a very low tendency to drip or spatter. Suitable for most interior wall surfaces.


  • Manufactured from natural minerals and materials. Auro Raw Material Guide (opens in new tab)
  • Suitable for application on most interior surfaces such as; wallpaper, plaster, clay, concrete, gypsum plaster boards, lime plasters etc.
  • No preservatives (MI and BI Free)
  • Very low VOC content, < 1g/Litre
  • Breathable, < 0.015m SD value
  • Coverage approx 9m²/litre
  • Great covering power - opacity (class 2)
  • Drying Time approx 4-6 though high humidity and low temperatures may lengthen drying times. (2 coats generally required)
  • Suitable to be applied by brush, spray or roller.
  • Splash water resistant. Wipeable (Abrasion Class 3)
  • Vegan


  • Water
  • Cellulose
  • Clay
  • Mineral Fillers
  • Potassium silicate
  • Replebin®Silicate,
  • Surfactants made of rapeseed and castor oils,
  • Titanium dioxide,

Drying time: Quick drying 4-6 hours between coats, 24 hours to fully cured
Approx coverage: 1 Litre = 9m², 2.5 Litre = 23m², 10 Litre = 90m²

Further Information:

*Replebin is an innovative, biogenic binder. It has been developed by Auro throughout a long term and complex research process. Replebin consists of plant alcohol esters with organic acides. This modern binder is legally protected and only available at Auro.

Natural products are neither odourless nor emission-free. The use of organic, natural and plant based ingredients means that allergy and asthma sufferers and people who are chemically sensitive are much more able to tolerate Auro products, however they may cause allergic reactions in some. If you wish to know about what raw ingredients Auro use in their products please visit our Auro Raw Materials Guide.

For more detailed information, download 331 Technical Data Sheet & Safety Data Sheet. (Opens in new tab).

Auro 331 has been assessed by the IUG  (Ins-tiutute for Environment and Health) and is confirmed as suited for allergy sufferers. View Allergy Friendly Certificate (Opens in new tab).

How to prep walls for painting

See the 331 Technical Data Sheet for full details, however in brief:

For previously painted walls

For newly plastered walls

You can prime walls with: