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Rainus Downpipe Filter

3P Technik


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Prices Include VAT

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The Rainus Downpipe Filter is a proven winner with customers who have had problems with blocked gulley pots or blocked underground pipework feeding into either rainwater storage systems, soakaways or drains. It is ideal for retro-fitting to properties where there is currently no filter in place before existing below-ground tanks and drainage systems where it would not be practical to install a below ground filter. The Rainus Filter is ideal before soakaways, ponds and infiltration systems. This is a Soakaway Defender, taking the organic matter and windblown plastic away from soakaway or rainwater tank. 

It is a professional grade filter. It is sufficient to protect the stored rainwater quality even in an underground rainwater tank.

The Rainus is so easy to monitor, due to its installation position in the downpipe - no need to lift heavy lids or to climb down into storage tanks!

Its removable Stainless Steel mesh filters out debris to below 1mm particle size, keeping flies and mosquitoes out of the rainwater tank. 

The standard Rainus fits 80mm, 90mm and 100mm downpipes (usually of the aluminium, copper or zinc varieties).  With the UK adaptor it fits 68mm round and 65mm square downpipes which are the most common sizes of plastic downpipe in the UK. It does not fit British 4" (110mm) downpipes. For square downpipes, the unit fits into the downpipe, there will be gaps around the downpipe corners at the outlet end, but the water flows perfectly well on down into the downpipe.

Please note the dimensions of the unit (see below). It should be installed at a height where it can be easily maintained.

The filter insert will need cleaning once or twice a year for optimal efficiency. The filter is easily removed and slotted back into place for maintenance.

Technical Information

  • Filter Mesh size: 0.7 x 1.7 mm
  • Housing material: ABS
  • The Rainus Filter Dimensions are approx: H:50cm, W:17cm, D:22cm.
  • Suitable for roof areas up to 90m2
  • Comes in three colours: Black, Grey and Brown (not available in White) 
  • UK Adaptors included.


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