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Leaf Catcher Filter

3P Technik


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Prices Include VAT

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The Leaf Catcher from 3P Technik is excellent at separating out leaves, twigs and moss clumps from the rainwater going to the downpipe. It collects the debris in a small basket. It helps stop leaves blocking drains and prevent gulleys from being blocked too.

Leaf Catcher is intended as an alternative to "balloon guards" or "hedgehog guards" at gutter level, but because the Leaf Catcher is installed at any point on the downpipe, it saves on awkward high level maintenance, or unblocking things at ground level.

It can be installed at any height but at a convenient height to suit the owner/operator without the need to use a ladder or steps. The downpipe simply hangs into the Catcher basket, clipping onto the basket's pre-cut positions. 

This Leaf Guard fits square downpipes 65mm (using supplied adaptor) and round downpipes 68mm, 80mm, 90mm and 100mm. Available in four colours (black, grey, white and brown) to suit your guttering. For square downpipes, the unit fits into the downpipe, there will be gaps around the downpipe corners, but the water flows perfectly well into the downpipe.

This is not a formal filter for rainwater harvesting systems. If a filter is required instead, or in conjunction with, then do have a look at the superb 3P Filter Collector with Universal Link Kit or the 3P Rainus Filter.

Technical Information

  • Screens out larger debris such as leaves, moss and twigs.
  • For roof areas up to 80 m² with light-medium leaf fall (for higher load we recommend the 3P Leaf Separator).
  • Comes in four colours black, brown, white and grey.
  • Made from ultra-durable, high quality, impact resistant and UV stabilised plastic.
  • Comes with UK adaptors to fit 65mm square or 68mm, 80mm, 90mm and 100mm round downpipes (shown in images). 
  • Requires only minimal maintenance - simply emptying from time to time.


Leaf Catcher Installation Instructions (pdf)

Guides and ideas

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Then have a look at our Rainwater Harvesting FAQs and have a read of our informative guides.