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CASE STUDY: Sharon's Treatex Picnic Bench

CASE STUDY: Sharon's Treatex Picnic Bench

Posted by Celtic Sustainables on 5th Sep 2018

Sharon’s picnic bench had been left untreated in her garden for 15+ years; it had never been treated or put away during the winter, so it had plenty of time to ‘weather’ and mould growth to boot!

After years of neglect Sharon chose The Treatex external Oak system to treat the table. She chose it  for its easy application and it’s durability against extreme weather conditions, which as you know in West Wales we get all kinds of extreme weather conditions!

She started preparing the table by washing and scrubbing the table to rid it of algae growth and dirt. Then armed with the Harris sand paper (Between 100 – 120 grit) Sharon sanded down the table to make sure it had an even surface that would easily absorb the natural oils in Treatex.

Sharon then treated the wood for the first part of the Treatex system with the Regency Oak (External Oak) which really enhanced the natural beauty and colour of the picnic bench. Sharon applied the Regency Oak first along the grain very evenly and then whilst the end grain was still wet, applied a second coat. She the n left the bench to dry for a further 12 hours before cracking on with the second part.

Be aware though, the Treatex range dries quicker than other exterior oils and it was a sunny dry day when Sharon applied it to the picnic bench, so remember not to apply it too thickly and to wrap your brush in Clingfilm in-between coats.

Sharon then applied the Tree Of Life stencil to the top of the picnic table and outlined it with Classic Colour in Cool Cotton (With two coats) Finally Sharon gave the picnic table its final coat of Treatex External Oak Protection (this gives the table UV and water protection!).

All Treatex products are biocide free and contain no lead, and no other preservatives! It is based on the same natural sustainable oils that are used in the rest of the Treatex range.

Even the resident cat approves.

Sharon has thought the picnic table has weathered fantastic in the last two years and the classic colour has surpassed her expectations – even sticking to things other than wood and having brilliant long lasting durability; even in a coastal environment.


Clean brushes and rollers with Treatex Thinner then store the tins with the remaining products in a completely air tight containter that is well labelled in a frost free environment. (Unopened tins can keep for up to three years!).   

Sharon’s Guide:

Remember to test so you get an idea of finish and colour – every wood species will react differently! Treatex has proved easy to apply and very forgiving when over applied.