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6 Thrifty Uses for Leftover Insulation

1.Hug the tubYour bathtub would benefit significantly from a woollen wrapping. Fit your scraps around the tub, inside the casing if there is one, and fasten into place. Enjoy longer, warmer baths forever more, and maybe you’ll finally finish that book you’ve been meaning to read at bath time.2.Hemp up the hatchA scrap of leftover [...]

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How Natural Insulation benefits the Environment

Homeowners today are regularly told to enhance their homes using common insulating materials. However, these materials can work against us and our homes despite the benefits they offer in certain situations. Aside from the health risks related to these products, they also pose all sorts of issues especially where older buildings are concerned.Houses built earlier [...]

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EcoFan: the Ideal gift for the Environmentalist in your Life

This Christmas calls for practicality, and what’s more practical than lower energy consumption?The EcoFan is a brilliant piece of kit. Just place the fan on top of your gas or wood-burning stove, and as it heats up it’ll begin to spin. You’ll notice there aren’t cables hanging around, and that’s because the fan uses no [...]

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New Colours from Farrow and Ball for 2018

We’ve been excited this month for the new colours from Farrow and Ball which were released on the 20th September. It’s been a very exciting time as Farrow and Ball only release new colours every two or three years. They not only release new colours, there is a story behind each colour, its rich pigments [...]

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Easy to Reach Ways to Stop Leaves Blocking Downpipe Guttering

When your home is surrounded by trees, it is essential to ensure that your guttering, downpipes and drains do not get blocked by the leaves, twigs and generally debris that gets blown always onto your roof each Autumn. If you want to stop leaves blocking your drain and need something that it is at a convienient [...]

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Street Art Murals with eico Wall Paint

We had originally chosen to stock the eicó paint brand because of it’s environmental credentials along with it’s durability and vast colour range – with our in-house tinting machine we can mix pretty much any colour! However, when we learnt about how eicó is being used to promote and create opportunities for artists to showcase [...]

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CASE STUDY: Sharon's Treatex Picnic Bench

Sharon’s picnic bench had been left untreated in her garden for 15+ years; it had never been treated or put away during the winter, so it had plenty of time to ‘weather’ and mould growth to boot!After years of neglect Sharon chose The Treatex external Oak system to treat the table. She chose it  for [...]

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What is Hotlime

Ok first the science bit.If you burn Limestone (calcium carbonate) in a kiln at high enough temperatures, the water and CO2 are driven out, creating Quicklime (Calcium Oxide).  Adding water to (Slaking) the Quicklime creates hydrated lime (Calcium Hydroxide). If the hydrated lime is mixed into a mortar and left to dry, it will cure, [...]

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Lime Kilns and Hot Lime mortars – a day out at Coe Stone

I recently spent the day with a group of Stone Masons at this year’s SPAB Fellows, burning lime in a small lime kiln and finding out about hot lime mixes, the benefits of using hot lime and the possible applications. The very welcoming hosts for this occasion were a local stone masonry company - Coe Stone, [...]

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What is Burnt Sand Mastic?

Burnt sand mastic is a traditional and arguably superior method of sealing the joints between wooden door and window frames and the surrounding masonry. The mastic fillet should be applied between the timber and the masonry at an angle. Any damage to the stonework should be repaired first with a mortar or masonry fillerTraditionally sand which [...]

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