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Breathable Paints for Traditional Houses.

Using the wrong paint for old buildings will not only cost you time and money but may also cause long term damage to the building.  As damp is a common problem for traditional houses, breathable paints are a far better alternative to damp proofing paints.Modern damp proofing products create a barrier to water penetration, in [...]

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How are we green?

At Celtic Sustainables we select the finest environmentally-friendly products that benefit you and your home. We know good quality when we find it and that is reflected in the products we keep in our shop and sell throughout the UK & Ireland from our base in Cardigan, Wales. We provide non-toxic alternatives to paints, wood [...]

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When Rishi & Ben Came to Visit

Well as you already know, we started stocking eicó paints this week, but a few weeks ago Rishi and Ben from eicó came down to show us the ropes with the new tinting machine and paints. We’ve had a small introduction to the new range and all the brilliant colours that we get to mix! [...]

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The Right Paint Colours For Smaller Spaces – Decorating with eicó

Many homeowners opt for plain white or other neutral colours for smaller spaces, this can work well but you always risk a ‘clinical’ look and sometimes a lack of personality in the home. In this article, we discuss colours and other tips to bring those smaller spaces in your home to life, adding warmth and [...]

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An AMAZING Paint Mural in South China Painted in Eico Paint

At Celtic Sustainables we were absolutely blown away when we saw these pictures of a wall mural in South China and then to find out the painting is with eicó paints! We could only wish that someone in West Wales would be interested in doing something similar to our warehouse.....?  It is one of the biggest [...]

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eicó – Environmentally Friendly Paint

eicó paints are manufactured in Iceland and Sweden to exacting environmental standards, using 100% geothermal or hydropower energy, making the production process carbon positive. As eicó paints themselves have one of the lowest VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) ratings of any paint sold in the UK, it is ideal for any residential or commercial application as [...]

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7 Reasons to Choose eicó

1. Great quality — eicó paints are manufactured using 100% pure acrylic. It's the pure acrylic, which prevents blistering, cracking and and enables them to retain their colour so well - they can even be used for both interior and exterior walls. Unlike  eicó, because of the high energy costs associated with the production of pure [...]

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Take your spring cleaning outside!

With some tips on how to get the garden in shape for spending more time outside with the family  Spring is fast approaching, and in keeping with the season we’re beginning to think about how to kick off a fresh start outside the home. It doesn’t have to be a ‘spring project’ we’ve put together a [...]

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Damaged Paint Removal by Eco Solutions

  Eco Solutions technology (Paint and Varnish Remover) working successfully on old damaged well layered sideboard! Remove multi-layered chipped and peeling paint from hard surfaces in your home with safe solutions from Homestrip.  The revolutionary water-based Paint and Varnish Remover is safer and more environmentally friendly than hazardous solvent-based strippers. This is great for professionals or DIY-ers, and comes [...]

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Scented candles, Formaldehyde, Paint and Plants (Part 1)

Scented candles, Formaldehyde, Paint and Clean Air Plants A informative article recently on the BBC’s “Trust me I’m a Doctor” investigated air quality in six similar modern homes in the UK. They were particularly interested in what happens to the fragrances we use to in our homes, to freshen or clean rooms, when they are released [...]

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