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Treat your senses collection from Earthborn

Treat your senses collection from Earthborn

Posted by Sarah, Celtic Sustainables on 2nd May 2024

Earthborn’s Five New Colours for 2024

A little look at Earthborn’s new colours for 2024 and eco-friendly paints.

New season, new look

As the season changes and nature comes back to life, why not revitalise your living space with Natural Paint? Spring is a time of renewal, with longer days, warmer temperatures, and an explosion of colour in the garden. Are you looking for some inspiration to refresh your interior this spring? Look no further than Earthborn’s new “treat your senses collection”. Each of the five shades evokes a different sense while working harmoniously together.

“We want to welcome you to a world where colour is more than just a visual delight; it's an experience that engages all your senses. We're excited to unveil our five brand new colours that are designed to tempt each of your senses.” - Earthborn.

Introducing the first shade from Earthborn’s brand new Treat Your Senses collection...

Floras taleFlora’s Tale

Treat your sense: Smell

Smells can trigger memories and emotions, evoking feelings of comfort and nostalgia, such as the aroma of freshly baked bread.

Take a trip down Memory Lane with Flora’s Tale. This vintage pink has floral roots balanced with deep earthy tones that give it a timeless quality.

Pair with Muddy Boots, Lady Bug, and Bunny Hop.

Gosh Golly!

Gosh Golly!

Treat your sense: Taste.

Could this be the most perfect pink you have ever seen? It's almost good enough to eat!

Say hello to Earthborn’s second shade from the Treat Your Senses Collection, ‘Gosh Golly’, with undertones of mauve; this grown-up pink is surprisingly versatile, radiating positive energy into any space.

Pair with Rosie Posie, Balloon Ride and White Clay.


Treat your sense: Sound

Inspired by the sweet sound of babbling brooks

This shade has a chameleon charm, appearing more blue or green depending on the light, perfect for creating soothing spaces or adding a splash of colour to a neutral backdrop.

Pair with Seagull, Grassy and Flora’s Tale.

Bunny Hop

Bunny Hop

Treat your senses: Touch

Inspired by cute bunny tails, sure to leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

A delicate taupe with undertones of pink, the most versatile colour from this collection, works well in all rooms.

Pair with Kissing Gate, Gosh Golly and Paw Print.

Balloon Ride

Balloon Ride

Treat your sense: Sight

Be transported to the skies above with Earthborn’s deepest blue, such a treat for the eyes. Hidden in the depths of this inky shade are warm green undertones.

Pair with Bo Beep, St John and Splashing.

Paint that’s better for you, your home, and the environment.

The new colours join Earthborn’s classic pallet of over 70 colours; their “treat your senses” collection is available in Claypaint, lifestyle, eco-chic, and eggshell no.17.

Order the new colour card to experience the full Treat Your Senses collection ?

Child-safe and environmentally friendly paint from Earthborn

When discussing Earthborn, we can’t help but mention how incredibly ideal they are in children's nurseries. Earthborn paints are not only better for the environment but also promote a healthier living environment. Their eco-friendly paints are certified as child-friendly and have passed the Toy Safety Standard. You can be confident that Earthborn's paint contains no hidden harmful substances. It is a 5-star product that is highly recommended. Just read the many 5* reviews online!

5* Review: "As ever, marvellous paint. Brilliant coverage and finish." - Janet H - Verified Customer
In case you missed it, Earthborn's colour of the year is Hopscotch!

Sophisticated and calming, Hopscotch is a warm, chalky off-white that is incredibly adaptable. Combining subtle yellow and grey undertones, Hopscotch’s softness and natural hues help to evoke feelings of comfort and relaxation in the home, no matter the style.

Benefits of choosing Earthborn's Claypaint range:

  • Virtually VOC-free, acrylic-free, and totally oil-free.
  • Luxurious ultra-matt finish with great coverage!
  • Breathable
  • Available in 72 colours
  • Easy to apply and Odour free
  • Vegan friendly
  • Minimises condensation & deters mildew. Static resistant.