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How to apply Treatex Colour Tones (Natural)

How to apply Treatex Colour Tones (Natural) This video demonstrates how to apply Treatex Colour Tones, in this case our New Natural formula. Treatex Colour Tones can alter the colour of your wood surface before being finished Treatex Hardwax Oil Clear. Natural Colour Tone is designed to prevent the warming effect of Treatex Hardwax Oil [...]

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How to clean a floor with Treatex Floor Care

When your floor looks dull, clean using Treatex Floor Care, which is designed to clean and maintain wooden floors without making them slippery.How to clean a floor with Treatex Floor CareTreatex Floor Care is a non slip wood floor cleaner that contains vegetable oils and carnauba wax, which means that as the surface is cleaned [...]

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How to achieve the perfect paint finish

We understand that decorating isn’t an easy task. You’ve spent hours poring over different paint swatches and now you need to ensure you select the right tools to apply them with. We’re here to make those decisions easier and more enjoyable by explaining what tools give the perfect paint finish. In this article we discuss [...]

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RHS Cardiff with The Welsh Wildlife Trust Show Offer (April)

We are delighted to showcase our Rainbowl Flower Water Butt in The Welsh Wildlife Trust's Rain Garden at the RHS's Flower Show in Cardiff.To thank The Welsh Wildlife Trust we are offering; 10% off any 3P Technik Water Butt or Rainwater Filter/Diverter purchased on this site during April 2018, with free economy delivery to mainland UK, [...]

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How to Choose Paint Colours

It’s easy to look at a paint chart and pick out all of the colours you really like, but imagining those colours in the room you’re planning on painting – and knowing what different colours will look like when they’re put together – can be a much harder thing to do. That’s why we’ve put together [...]

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Bag Rubbed Lime Render Finish

Not patient enough to re-point a stone wall? Not yet confident enough to apply a perfectly flat coat of render?  There is an easier ‘half way’ technique, a traditional finish between pointing and rendering that doesn’t require any specialist tools or skills.Welcome to the world of Lime Bagging! No, I’m not talking about packing fruit, [...]

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Baavet Wool Duvets

Our friends at Baavet where featured on Dragon’s Den.  The program is available on the BBC iPlayer, they’re the first ones on:Baavet on Dragon’s Den (link to BBC iPlayer, available until 9th March 2014)Made in the UK from 100% pure organic Welsh wool, Baavet duvets regulate heat and wick away moisture, promoting peaceful sleep. They’re naturally hypo-allergenic, dust mite [...]

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Baavet wool mattress topper

You may already be basking in the wonders of a wool Baavet but did you know you can get even more benefits from wool by sleeping on top of it as well as under it.Now my old granny would always give us a wool blanket under the bottom sheet in winter to keep us warmer. [...]

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We’re Baa-rmy for Baavet!

 A beautifully crafted high quality duvet made in Britain using 100% British wool.Whilst lambs are springing up all around, the wintry weather still isn’t quite behind us, and we’re all trying to keep cosy until the sun decides to put his hat on once more for what forecasters are promising to be the longest summer [...]

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Preparing Our Wood For Winter

Wood is a beautiful, sustainable and versatile material which is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. It is the oldest and most reliable building material used by man and as a result deserves a bit of respect. Before the winter comes around again, it is now time to protect our untreated timber. Wood can [...]

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