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1500 Litre Water Tank - Utility Tank

3P Technik


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1500L Rainwater Tank

This versatile and space-saving water tank design gives you an enormous 1500 litre rainwater harvesting capacity yet still only occupies a 120cm x 78cm foot-space, 2m high. It represents the premium option for 'medium scale' Rainwater Harvesting and ancillary water storage and the level most users will find optimal for large water storage.

Used widely in plant rooms as a fire water tank or fire sprinkler tank, as a pressure boosting tank and in all sorts of rainwater harvesting, water processing and water recycling applications. Short of stepping up to a large footprint tank (which will obviously need an appropriately large pad or space) this is pretty much the largest capacity rainwater tank that can be sensibly placed around the home or workshop environment. The water-tank has been designed to fit through standard doorways and down staircases for ease of access to difficult spaces.

Superb industrial grade strength - food grade virgin PE, braced with brass threaded fittings. 

Highly durable. The rectangular space-saving Utility Tank is supplied in a superb black finish. Comes with removable large lid for ease of access to install equipment inside.

Can be connected to your downpipe using the 3P Filter Connector or Filter Connector Universal. This filter is everything you need for collecting water from your downpipe and filter any debris before transferring the water into the tank.

Rainwater: Especially ideal for storing rainwater that could be supplied to, for example; utility rooms, wash-down areas, workshops (for water-reliant tools), toilet spaces, or maybe even under a garage or carport for cleaning the car and watering the garden. Not forgetting that rainwater is softer than main-supplied water and is ideally used around the house in hard-water sensitive appliances or for cleaning glass. The keen gardener with a poly-tunnel could also find this an ideal size for feeding irrigation systems.

Pressure Boosting: Pumps and pressure boosting controls can be fitted internally or on top of the tank.

This versatile unit is also the base unit for our Utility Rainwater Tank Systems, fully thought-out and assembled sets to serve a variety of purposes. If you have need of a complete and integrated pumped-system then do pop over to ouUtility Rainwater Tank System page and have a look. This Rainwater System kit comprises the space saving Utility Tank itself , the Filter Connector Universal rainwater filter, Garden rainwater SteelPump, Pump-to-Tank Connector, and optional inlet strainer for submerged pump applications.

Free economy delivery to mainland UK. 

Technical Information

  • Small footprint. Dimentions: W1200mm x D780mm x H2000mm 
  • Made from high-quality polyethylene
  • 1500 litre capacity
  • Suitable for large-scale rainwater harvesting where underground systems are inappropriate or undesirable
  • Can be fitted anywhere from beside a garden path to a basement room
  • Modular design allows for installation in plant rooms servicing multiple occupants or businesses
  • Recommended rainwater diverter: - Filter Collector, or Universal Filter Collector 
  • Connection Points:
    • 2 x ¾" BSP brass threaded ports
    • 2 x DN50 (2") Sealed Ports
    • 3 x Marked Inlet / Overflow Points


This unit is not supplied with additional accessories as it is designed to suit users' own requirements. TapsConnectorsFilter Collectors, and Universal Filter Collectors can be ordered separately.

Further Information

Utility Tank Installation Instructions (pdf opens in new window).

Guides and ideas

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Then have a look at our Rainwater Harvesting FAQs and have a read of our informative guides