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Organowood Protector 01



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Eco Friendly Wood Preservative by Organowood

OrganoWood Protection 01 is a water based treatment that protects wood from rot-fungus. Made from natural plant compounds and silicon minerals, it is designed as a surface treatment for absorbing wood products such as solid wood, particle board, MDF, plywood and masonite board. Used in combination with OrganoWood Repellent 02, it  provides a complete protection system which extends the life of the wood by counteracting damage caused by damp.

The first component in the OrganoWood® system provides a physical barrier of silicon molecules ensuring the wood is protected against rot fungus for exterior timber cladding, decking, fencing and garden furniture. Particularly suitable for absorbing wood such as spruce, pine and fir.

Organowood eco friendly wood preservative is free from organic solvents and heavy metal compounds such as copper, chromium and arsenic (CCA). It is transparent, does not discolour treated wood and allows it to keep its natural colour initially, progressing to a silver grey appearance over time.

Wood treated with OrganoWood Protection 01 is not classified as a hazardous material.


  • Water-based wood treatment
  • Protects against rot fungus
  • Free from solvents and heavy metals
  • Odourless
  • Eco-friendly
  • Colour: Transparent
  • The treated wood will keep its natural colour but age and adopt a silver-grey nuance with time.


  • Silicon compounds
  • Organic catalysts
  • Environment: Does not contain any substances classified as environmentally hazardous.

Drying time: 6-10 hours
Coverage: 1 Litre = 8-10 m2

Further Information

Especially suitable for absorbing wood such as spruce, pine and fir. However, the product should not be applied on wood with low absorbing capacity including timber from most hardwood. These may change colour after treatment.


See the Technical Datasheet for full details, however in brief:

Untreated wood (new or old) should be cleaned with a suitable wood cleaning product before application. Wood which has been previously painted, oiled or had any other wood treatment applied, should be sanded before application.

Organo Wood Protection 01 should be applied to dry wood in temperatures of  10°C or more. OrganoWood Protection 01 may react with glass and therefore any such areas which may come into contact during application, should be protected. 


  1. Apply OrganoWood Protection 01 with a brush or roller, in the direction of the grain.
  2. Allow to 6-10 hours to dry.
  3. Excess surface liquid may cause white salt precipitations which can be removed by brushing with nylon or steel brush or with sand paper.
  4. Finish treatment with OrganoWood Repellent 02.

Post Treatment

Once applied, OrganoWood Protection 01 is absorbed into the wood and hardens during the drying process. This creates a physical barrier of silicon molecules around the wood fibres.  Due to its dense structure, conventional paint can no longer penetrate wood treated with OrganoWood Protector 01 which means that bonding will not occur properly.