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Hessian - Lime Mortar Protection

Cornish Lime


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Prices Include VAT

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Hessian lime protection rolls - Sold in rolls of 46m x 137cms (covers 63m2) 

Hessian lime protection rolls can be used following the application of lime mortars, renders or washes, as it is important to protect the surface while the lime cures (carbonates). Wind and Sun can dry the lime too quickly. Rain will erode the surface and extend the carbonation process and frost will damage the structure of the mortar.

Builder’s hessian is the traditional method of lime protection.  Hung in front of the lime, usually with an air gap, the open weave of the hessian fabric allows the necessary air flow needed for carbonation, whilst protecting the surface from wind and rain. In warmer conditions, the hessian material can be sprayed with water to aid cooling. For extreme conditions such as heavy frost, it is advisable to use the hessian wall covering in conjunction with a tarpaulin to protect the lime.

This hessian weighs 200g per m2 to provide protection during the summer months.

When selecting order quantity, 1 = 1 Roll of length 46 metres x width 137 cms.